My friend Neti

Oh my head! I am having another week of stuffiness and a bit of dizziness. Time to get out my new best friend! Well she should be my best friend BUT we are having issues!

img_9555 img_9556

Meet my “looks like a genie in a bottle” Neti pot!

A¬†neti pot¬†is a container designed to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavity. You might use a¬†neti pot¬†to treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. It’s important to use a saline solution with bottled water that has been distilled or sterilized.

My doctor has me using this device once a day or every other day, especially when my sinuses are acting up. We are thinking that the whole heavy head and dizziness is related. However, whenever I use my Neti, I feel worse. It clears the sinuses great BUT my head feels awful!

I’m just wondering if you have ever used a neti pot? Do you like it? Do you get good results?

Have a great weekend…the last one of October!!!





Fallen Leaves

It’s that time! Time to rake¬† mow the leaves!! The beautiful leaves are just starting to fall and so for the first little while we can just mow and clean them up. I mean David can mow them. In a week or so we’ll do a thorough rake, mow and Fall clean up of the gardens. I’ll help with that. It’s nice to get everything cleaned up before the snow falls. The way temperatures have been in the morning it won’t be too long. Brrr!

img_9612 img_9614 img_9618 img_9619 img_9621 img_9622 img_9624

I knew David would be chilly when he came in from outside so I made “fresh out of the oven” banana bread. I usually don’t have over ripe bananas to do anything with because all three of us eat bananas like monkeys! But the “littlest monkey” brought home two slightly bruised bananas from his lunch box and instead of throwing them out, I made something we all love!

Yes, all of us! Someone is feeling better and is a little beggar!!

Have a great day!



A lot of people don’t care for social media. It definitely has its pros and cons. One of the good things is that you can look back…a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago… I love this feature. It’s also one of the reasons I blog. Blogging is like a journal, a diary, pictures are worth so much when you can look back and remember special times and events that might otherwise be forgotten in your current daily activities and responsibilities.

This week there are lots of pictures and¬†posts ¬†coming up from a year ago… posts that make me wish I was right back there!

Last year at this time I was in China! Walking on the great wall, eating delicious authentic Chinese food, spending quality time with my sister in law and my niece, walking familiar paths, visiting Chinese friends… ahhh….

IMG_9820 IMG_0057 IMG_9507 IMG_0184 IMG_0469 IMG_0493 DSC09176

I am so thankful for such wonderful memories!


It’s soon time to make more!!! I think I’ll cook up some jiaozi for lunch…


Fur Baby is SICK and Family Sunday

Saturday was a rainy day!


BUT Today is a gorgeous sunny ( but breezy) day after all the rain yesterday. A lot of leaves came down with the wind and the cover blew off our propane¬†firebowl.¬†Guess I know what we will be doing this week. It’s getting to be time for leaf raking!


I’m tired! I was up off and on last night with my Abby girl. All day yesterday she wasn’t herself. Didn’t want to eat anything. Last night James & I were having some snacks while we watched a movie and he gave her just a couple small pieces of plain potato chips. I don’t know if that set it off… WARNING MAYBE TOO DETAILED FOR SOME READERS!!!

…but she was up and down all night and from about 4am on she was throwing up blood and even bleeding from her rectum. Not fun. I’ve had experience before with blood from both ends with a dog and it didn’t end good. So anytime Abby has blood issues I worry and fret, it takes me right back to our first dog. Later this¬†morning after all that, she went out to poop ( worst poop ever) and threw up again. I bathed her, because she was a complete mess!!! She has been resting ever since and doesn’t want me to go too far…Whatever it was seems to have passed, now we just wait and see. With such a tiny puppy, it seems like every once and awhile I have an issue like this to deal with. Take her food away nothing to eat and drink for a day until she dries up…poor little fur baby.

Today is a “Goode Family” Potluck. We try to have one of these every couple months. It’s hard to get everyone there, there’s just so many of us. David’s parent’s will soon be on their way South to Florida for the Winter so there’s¬†only ¬†a few more weeks¬†left to see them.

I didn’t go today because Abby was still not great but I cooked up some goodies for David to take…scalloped potato, brown sugar maple flavoured meatballs, and apple crisp. Yum!!I wish I was going. I love scalloped potato but rarely make it.

Laura was there and having lots of fun playing dress up with one of the littlest members of our family.

Tonight I’m just cozy inside watching another movie. I don’t watch a lot of movies but sometimes it’s just nice to cozy up and relax.

And¬†that’s my Sunday!

Bridgewater is beautiful this fall!

We live in such a beautiful place! I can’t believe the amazing Fall we’ve had. It’s so hard to believe it’s October 20th.

Here are a few photos that were posted on the Town Of Bridgewater’s website today. I didn’t take them but I sure appreciate them, and whoever the photographer was that took them, THANK YOU!!

14707777_1144634245592194_1825556852220579523_o 14708074_1144634248925527_1726903205805339196_o

And when you step outside it’s a gorgeous 18 degrees!

BUT…saying that…my mind and my heart has been looking forward to December. I could EVEN¬†play Christmas music today…almost.

That’s just the way I am feeling on this beautiful Fall day in Bridgewater! Only 42 days til December 1st…

Vacation is over…back to work!

The last day of David’s Fall vacation. What to do? Another gorgeous day and the leaves are still so beautiful. James was actually up early to capture this beauty at the old train bridge in Bridgewater.

We decided another drive…a Sunday drive …a different route…a different part of the coast. We are so blessed to live in a province that has coast on all sides.

We skipped church today and left early so it wouldn’t be a late day, took Abby for a short drive to Nana’s ( she LOVES the car) and headed to the valley.

img_9369 img_9151 img_9367 img_9366 img_9365 img_9370 We took Hwy 8 passing Kejimkujik National Park on the way. We wanted to see the site of the really bad forest fires this summer. Such devastation.

img_9175 img_9176 img_9178 img_9180 img_9181 img_9182

Saw this beauty after all the brown and char from the fire.img_9184

This drive put us in the quaint town of Annapolis Royal. We walked around Fort Anne and downtown, then crossed the causeway to have lunch at Vicki’s.

img_9188 img_9364 img_9195 img_9363 img_9198 img_9200 img_9205 img_9362 img_9210 img_9211 img_9215 img_9249 img_9361 img_9236 img_9238 img_9240 img_9248 img_9247

After lunch it was out to the coast to Port Royal, Habitation , Victoria Beach and Digby Gut. We thought we could get all the way around the coast on this area but there were no roads so we had to back track and cross over to Parker’s cove. This is a lovely area over looking the Bay of Fundy. I would love to have a cottage here. We followed this route along to Hampton, Port Lorne and Port George before cutting across to Middleton and then catching Hwy 10 home to Bridgewater.

img_9254 img_9261 img_9354 img_9360 img_9359 img_9276 img_9282 img_9288 img_9358 img_9298 img_9357 img_9356 img_9319 img_9355 img_9325 img_9350 img_9342

We had a gorgeous day to do a little more sight seeing. It was a wonderful vacation exploring more of our own province. A place where tourists from all over the world visit especially in the Fall.

And it’s back to work for David.

We were actually heading off to bed at 9pm when he got a call from work with a major situation and he had to go in. Technically he’s still on vacation but it’s back to work!

Today I am getting back to my routine and cooking up a special Birthday dinner  for our sweet daughter who is 27 today!!! Whoa! How can that be?

david-laura-jamesimg_9439 img_9457 Have a great week friends!


Foraging in the Forest

Saturday was a beauty. Our youngest son James has been enjoying his Saturday’s off now that he is back to University and working full time. BUT today…he was up at 5am ( I saw him when I took Abby out to pee) He was getting ready to head off to the woods to look for mushrooms and Chaga. Remember the post I did in May?

He and a friend wanted to get an early morning start to see what they could find. And find they did!!

14670599_10154383003316858_4138219860723789073_n 14713785_10154383003321858_3141313192485643396_n 14721673_10154383003241858_7160198536572231130_n 14729285_10154383003276858_124031228666223854_n

img_9047 img_9048

40lbs of¬†¬†Chaga, hedgehog mushrooms, hollow stem boletes and even… yellow foot chanterelles!!

And I had fun cooking some up for dinner…

img_9110 img_9111 img_9112 img_9113 img_9116

Yum!!! Thanks so much James. You can go foraging anytime.

And since it was just such a beauty of a day, David & I went to Indian Falls.

img_9053 img_9055 img_9060 img_9068 img_9069 img_9072 img_9128 img_9078 img_9080 img_9081 img_9084 img_9092 screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-9-03-22-pm screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-9-10-16-pm

PS. And This is where our oldest son and his wife are today…

14731261_10154604007896241_7687786086474903580_n 14642516_10154604009621241_587298397443996960_n 14725502_10154604009911241_6166437253629650649_n 14680602_10154602715521241_8390830929110894341_n

So…This family spent a¬†day enjoying the forest in different parts of our beautiful province. It’s so wonderful to take the opportunity to enjoy it…before long it will be cold and snowy!

Three Churches

Mahone Bay is a small town located on the northwest shore of the south shore of Nova Scotia. It is famous for it’s 3 iconic, frequently photographed, picturesque, “seen on postcards” and ornaments churches. I have photographed them many times and in many seasons.

The town also has a number of upscale shops and restaurants, festivals and events which almost universally are designed to appeal to the tourist trade. Mahone Bay is a great little town to visit, shop, and have lunch.

We are in Mahone Bay often as David’s parents live just outside of town. We also get our Abby girl’s special peanut butter treats at the Dog Shop there.

Today we were driving through to¬†do a couple errands and we couldn’t help but snap a few pictures. It’s the¬†tail end¬†of vacay and we need to take advantage of such beautiful days!


Such an interesting skyline in the harbour…

img_8934 img_8935 img_8936

Then a quick drive along Shingle Mill Rd. The colours here prompted a quick photoshoot.

img_8939 img_8944 img_8945 img_8946 img_8955 screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-4-45-21-pm screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-4-57-18-pm



I have been enjoying these days so much!! Exploring and hanging out with my husband is THE BEST!!! What am I gonna do when he’s back to work next week?screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-4-48-58-pm

Enjoy your weekend !

How High Do Your Tides Rise?

Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy has bragging rights to the Highest Tides in the World!

World’s Highest Recorded Tides

Twice each day the Bay of Fundy fills and empties its 160 billion tons of water creating the highest tides in the world. In 1975 The Guinness Book of World Records listed Burntcoat Head in the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia as the site of the greatest average tide of 47.5 feet with an extreme range of 53.6 feet.

Today we went to Burntcoat Head. This spectacular place has been on my 2016 list of places to visit since our son James was there and photographed this place.

Below are two of James’ photos…

13482923_818760718223947_3763846001643129102_oYes, amazing right?

Today we went!

img_8582 img_8583 img_8692 img_8697 img_8703 img_8708 img_8712 img_8758 img_8801 img_8819 img_8822 img_8827 img_8833 img_8838 img_8839 img_8845 img_8915 img_8916 img_8911 dsc09853

dsc09846 dsc09852 dsc09858 dsc09859 dsc09879 dsc09897 dsc09898 dsc09906 screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-09-21-pm 14563532_1121889837880739_7121220971336760856_n

Well…my pictures weren’t quite like James’ but we had fun at this amazing place!