Once in a Blue Moon…

If anything interesting or unusual happens today… you can say

“Once in a Blue Moon”

Today there is another full moon, the second full moon for the month of July this summer. When a season has four full moons, the third one is called a blue moon.

The moon isn’t actually blue, although sometimes it is because of smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere but usually it’s the beautiful evening sky that gives it a blueish hue.

I love looking at the sky. I did when we were in foreign countries and I do especially at home. We are blessed to have clear skies that you can enjoy stars and planets and especially the moon. It was full last night. ( officially full at 6:43am this morning)

Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the Blue Moon.  It is a rare occurrence and only happens once in blue moon!

Bridgewater July 2015
Bridgewater July 2015

Don’t rain on the Parade!

It’s Parade night in Bridgewater, if the rain holds off.

It’s South Shore Exhibition Week and the kick off is the Grand Street Parade tonight. Lots of fun.

In 1891 Bridgewater was the home to the first Exhibition. Records indicate that the Lunenburg County Exhibition was to be held in Bridgewater on the 5th & 6th days of October. Lots of changes since then!!

The name has changed from the Lunenburg County Exhibition (1891) to the Lunenburg County Exhibition Commission (1960) the Lunenburg County South Shore Exhibition (1967) and finally in 1973 the name was changed to and still remains The South Shore Exhibition “The Big Ex”

** UPDATE** Well…it doesn’t surprise me. Rain, rain, rain ALL day long… and so the parade is cancelled for today. I think it’s the first time it ever had to be postponed. And now because of a previous appointment out of town, we won’t get to see it.


I can’t help but share this cute little picture, seems fitting the last couple weeks.

I hope the sun is shining in your world!

Update*** Wednesday Night was perfect weather

DSC08118And Bridgewater Open Bible Church’s float advertising VBS “Off the Map” won 1st place in the community category. Congratulations!


Rainy Days

Rainy days are great for reading!!

We are on week #2 of cool, rainy, drizzly days. It’s so easy to feel cooped up! Last week was rainy and most people expect this particular week in July to be rainy because it is the week of the South Shore Exhibition. As history dictates, it’s usually a rainy week.

So…what to do? David & I actually went downstairs to our family room and watched a bit of TV. We haven’t done that in months. We thought it would be a good chance to catch up on some of our favourite shows. I also put some new books on my Kindle for reading now and into the Fall. I figured if they were there , I would be more apt to read if I was “bored” haha.

And speaking of reading…

I have a collection started for future use!

See this guy?

DSC08057 DSC08058


Theodore Too was “the star” of Theodore Tugboat, the Canadian children’s television series (1993-2000) about a tugboat named Theodore who lives in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. The show originated and was set in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

There are lots of cute Theodore story books and since Theodore is such a big part of Halifax’s waterfront and can be seen “motoring around” the harbour on any given summer day, I thought it would fun to start a collection and keep adding.

IMG_6693I like the idea of these books (and toys) for my grandkids…someday…(no rush) and be able to take them onboard Theodore Too for a trip around the harbour!


O Deer!

Backyard Visitors Take TWO

Well I don’t have the pics to prove it BUT I know exactly who what came! They ACTUALLY came VERY close to the house. Right up to my deck.

They LOVE the luscious green leaves that this summer has produced in gardens. I’m aware of their taste and I’ve been trying to keep them from enjoying their garden salad in my yard. We have been trying Iris Spring soap around the garden and in pots. It’s supposed to work, I guess it didn’t this time. Short of David going outside in the middle of the night and peeing on the garden ( I hear they don’t like male human pee) we’re gonna have to get some blood meal to try and see if that works.

So…the lovely green hostas on my step…


IMG_6655 IMG_6656 IMG_6658Well you get the picture!

IMG_6657( And the flowers off the top in the garden) Yes, O deer!

Backyard Visitors

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday….It’s only Wednesday BUT what a rainy week! Our 2 week Nova Scotia summer is over and it feels like cool rainy fall weather. I am so very thankful for the 2 week vacation we had the first part of July…the weather was gorgeous!

We’ve been put on hold with our backyard garden project. It’s kinda hard to work when it’s rainy and soggy. We actually have less to do than we thought because we shifted our plan, a little more restructuring to make the best use of the small space, and some of it won’t be able to be started and completed until next summer. So that means less to do this summer!  But it would be nice to finish up what we have started.

In the meantime I am so pleased with how it’s coming along. I’ll soon post a few pictures. One of the goals I had was to make my garden bird friendly. I wanted to see and hear birds in the morning, I love watching them. So I put out a couple feeders and bird baths and the birds are coming! They found them and have been frequent visitors. I love them and of course Abby does too. She sometimes tries to case the birds and two chipmunks that have been visiting. It’s hard to get the pictures because they are still a little camera shy!

DSC09454 DSC09458 DSC09459 DSC09460 DSC09462 DSC09463

This rainy weather is “for the birds” (and our new front lawn) Waiting patiently for the sun to return… Have a GREAT east coast day!