The last day of the year

Whoa! The last day of 2015.

So much happened this year. So many things that I couldn’t have imagined. Good things…GREAT and Awesome things, but also a few very sad and heartbreaking things. That’s the way life is, you just never know what each year will bring.

This year, New Year’s Eve, we are having a quiet evening at home. Yes, I know…no exciting city to see how they celebrate New Year’s Eve. We just needed quiet and together. Sure I still have a Bucket List of ideas for other years…here’s hoping!

DSC09417 IMG_3366 IMG_3373 IMG_3381 IMG_1356 IMG_1370 IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 DSC09449 DSC09451

Tonight as 2015 passes to 2016, we are THANKFUL for having had another year and look forward to what a new year will bring! There are some exciting things already planned and here’s wishing for surprises and adventure along the way.

Happy New Year!What are your thoughts and wishes as we celebrate this New Year’s Eve?


A little puzzling…

Not puzzling as in confused.

Puzzling as in it’s the time of year when it’s snowy and blowing outside, and it’s Christmas vacay,  and it’s time to stay cozy inside and do puzzles…LOTS OF PUZZLES.

IMG_1750 IMG_2863

IMG_2963 IMG_2969

This one posed a bit of a challenge. So many small pieces and too close to Christmas Day when I needed the extra table for Christmas Dinner.IMG_3001But it got done!

IMG_3294It’s David’s thing to do and the kids and Mom & Dad will join in sometimes. He’s all stocked up with puzzles, so we should be good for the next few months…

especially when it’s a blizzard like yesterday’s snow outside!!!

WELCOME to your new home!!

Today is an exciting day!!!! Good Morning and Welcome to your new home! Welcome to Bridgewater!!

The first Syrian refugee family has arrived on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Fadia Mekdad and her husband, Mohamed Al Kafri, and their daughters, Fatima and Farah.



The family is sponsored by St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Bridgewater, which had raised $23,000 to bring the family in. In addition to the cash, there were numerous contributions in kind. Tim O’Regan of O’Regan’s Toyota, for example, provided a minivan to pick the family up from the airport, and Bridgewater’s Bulk Barn has invited them to come to the store to stock their kitchen with spices and other foods.For the first week or so, they will be staying at the home of parishioners in town. At the end of the month, after they choose from among furniture that was donated, they’ll be moving into an apartment in town. ( Lighthouse Now)

al- kauri Family in Bridgewater
al- kauri Family in Bridgewater Photo by Shaina Luck CBC News

We hope you finally feel very safe and as you begin your new life, settle in, and learn some English, we hope and pray that you’ll feel welcome and it will be a smooth adjustment. We are so thankful to the BIG hearts of the families that have sponsored you!

Crazy and Fun Christmas Gifts!

I love Christmas! The holiday is over far too quickly and it makes me sad to see people commenting they are putting away Christmas on December 27 or 28th. But every one has there own preference. I just like these special things to last as long as possible.

We were so blessed at Christmas with wonderful thoughtful gifts. I just want to give you a quick snapshot of a few of the fun ones!

So James got a Chemex! Perfect for the coffee connoisseur that he is…


And Abby got a green and blue moose…

green moose

because every little dog needs a green moose with a blue beard for a friend!

I got some new Nova Scotia themed story books and Abby & I got sock monkeys!


sock monkeysDavid got Night Vision!

stealth Cam

He’s been curious for a long time what other creatures besides deer are lurking in our backyard  at night in the middle of town.

And the coolest thing…

I got a dumpling maker!

dumpling cubeThe dumpling cube presses out 4 at a time! But honestly David, how am I ever going to perfect my jiaozi making skills if I start using a cube? That just won’t do.

Lots of fun and thoughtful gifts this year!

What a difference a day makes as I sit here this morning blogging with my coffee blogging. Christmas Day and Boxing Day gorgeous warm temps and today everything is white and frozen, windy and cold! But the sky is blue and the sun shines!


Get Your storm chips ready!

Get those shovel’s ready! It’s time to dig out the snowblower and shovels because today Eastern Canada is expected to get the first major snow storm of the season!

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 8.52.32 AM

And as Frankie Mac Donald would say…get your storm chips ready!

At 10am this morning it started.


And 5 minutes later…IMG_3247

And then this afternoon…snow, ice pellets, rain, ice pellets, snow…

1st snow of season 1st snow!And then rain and ice pellets.

In Bridgewater, I think we faired pretty well. Not a major one after all, just very pretty.

IMG_3287 IMG_3292

It’s Christmas…My Heart is FULL

It’s Christmas!


I Love this special day with my family.

The kids are all home.

CrazinessMy parents and my sister and her family here. It is our family tradition and It has been a wonderful day celebrating together.


A beautiful afternoon meant family pics outside, a few minutes on my rocker ( a Christmas gift made by my Daddy), a motorbike ride and enjoying a beautiful sunset.

IMG_1280 IMG_3193 481177_10153666679071858_3614508353568656058_n

And this year…December 25th, there is a Full moon in the night sky. A beautiful conclusion to a wonderful day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.06.32 AM

IMG_3086Christmas is a day of reflection, gratitude, togetherness, cheer, warmth, giving, and goodness. It’s unique for many reasons, one of them being that it happens one day a year. When a full moon occurs, there’s an overwhelming energy that arises. The sun and the moon are in opposite Zodiac signs. And while it proves to be a time of utter charge, it also brings about balance. The solar yang and the lunar yin are congruous.

It makes it even more intriguing that the last full moon we’ll see in 2015 happens to be on one of the most celebratory days of the year. People are enthralled with this idea, perhaps because it’s so spectacular that two big things are coming together. Bizarre and beautiful occurrences take place during full moons. Wonderful things happen on Christmas. The combination of the two is like a treat you never knew you needed until you’re informed of its presence, and suddenly the excitement consumes you.

The December full moon is special because it rises near sunset and then sets close to sunrise. This means that it is the only night in the entire month that the moon stays in the sky for the whole night. And even better is that a full moon on Christmas day hasn’t occurred for 38 years (1977)and the next one won’t appear until 2034.

As I gaze up at the moon tonight my heart is full, I’m so thankful and I’m thinking about family and friends all over the world that are seeing the same moon, and wishing them a wonderful Christmas and may all their dreams and wishes come true in 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 8.16.51 PM

I am so blessed!