Happy Halloween

Haha, we had a little bit of fun. Here are our¬†costumes this year…

Is it Supergirl?


And the kids went to parties. James…


Andrew & Kristina…


Lots of treats…

Wishing you a great night and lots of fun with all your little trick or treater’s!

img_9797 img_9799 img_9800

Abby waiting with Laura to pass out treatsimg_9801 img_9802 img_9810

She sat on the step all evening…racing down to the door so excited to see the kids in costume.img_9809 img_9808

150 kids later and just a handful of treats left…it was a good night!


My friend Neti

Oh my head! I am having another week of stuffiness and a bit of dizziness. Time to get out my new best friend! Well she should be my best friend BUT we are having issues!

img_9555 img_9556

Meet my “looks like a genie in a bottle” Neti pot!

A¬†neti pot¬†is a container designed to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavity. You might use a¬†neti pot¬†to treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds. It’s important to use a saline solution with bottled water that has been distilled or sterilized.

My doctor has me using this device once a day or every other day, especially when my sinuses are acting up. We are thinking that the whole heavy head and dizziness is related. However, whenever I use my Neti, I feel worse. It clears the sinuses great BUT my head feels awful!

I’m just wondering if you have ever used a neti pot? Do you like it? Do you get good results?

Have a great weekend…the last one of October!!!





Fallen Leaves

It’s that time! Time to rake¬† mow the leaves!! The beautiful leaves are just starting to fall and so for the first little while we can just mow and clean them up. I mean David can mow them. In a week or so we’ll do a thorough rake, mow and Fall clean up of the gardens. I’ll help with that. It’s nice to get everything cleaned up before the snow falls. The way temperatures have been in the morning it won’t be too long. Brrr!

img_9612 img_9614 img_9618 img_9619 img_9621 img_9622 img_9624

I knew David would be chilly when he came in from outside so I made “fresh out of the oven” banana bread. I usually don’t have over ripe bananas to do anything with because all three of us eat bananas like monkeys! But the “littlest monkey” brought home two slightly bruised bananas from his lunch box and instead of throwing them out, I made something we all love!

Yes, all of us! Someone is feeling better and is a little beggar!!

Have a great day!



A lot of people don’t care for social media. It definitely has its pros and cons. One of the good things is that you can look back…a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago… I love this feature. It’s also one of the reasons I blog. Blogging is like a journal, a diary, pictures are worth so much when you can look back and remember special times and events that might otherwise be forgotten in your current daily activities and responsibilities.

This week there are lots of pictures and¬†posts ¬†coming up from a year ago… posts that make me wish I was right back there!

Last year at this time I was in China! Walking on the great wall, eating delicious authentic Chinese food, spending quality time with my sister in law and my niece, walking familiar paths, visiting Chinese friends… ahhh….

IMG_9820 IMG_0057 IMG_9507 IMG_0184 IMG_0469 IMG_0493 DSC09176

I am so thankful for such wonderful memories!


It’s soon time to make more!!! I think I’ll cook up some jiaozi for lunch…


Fur Baby is SICK and Family Sunday

Saturday was a rainy day!


BUT Today is a gorgeous sunny ( but breezy) day after all the rain yesterday. A lot of leaves came down with the wind and the cover blew off our propane¬†firebowl.¬†Guess I know what we will be doing this week. It’s getting to be time for leaf raking!


I’m tired! I was up off and on last night with my Abby girl. All day yesterday she wasn’t herself. Didn’t want to eat anything. Last night James & I were having some snacks while we watched a movie and he gave her just a couple small pieces of plain potato chips. I don’t know if that set it off… WARNING MAYBE TOO DETAILED FOR SOME READERS!!!

…but she was up and down all night and from about 4am on she was throwing up blood and even bleeding from her rectum. Not fun. I’ve had experience before with blood from both ends with a dog and it didn’t end good. So anytime Abby has blood issues I worry and fret, it takes me right back to our first dog. Later this¬†morning after all that, she went out to poop ( worst poop ever) and threw up again. I bathed her, because she was a complete mess!!! She has been resting ever since and doesn’t want me to go too far…Whatever it was seems to have passed, now we just wait and see. With such a tiny puppy, it seems like every once and awhile I have an issue like this to deal with. Take her food away nothing to eat and drink for a day until she dries up…poor little fur baby.

Today is a “Goode Family” Potluck. We try to have one of these every couple months. It’s hard to get everyone there, there’s just so many of us. David’s parent’s will soon be on their way South to Florida for the Winter so there’s¬†only ¬†a few more weeks¬†left to see them.

I didn’t go today because Abby was still not great but I cooked up some goodies for David to take…scalloped potato, brown sugar maple flavoured meatballs, and apple crisp. Yum!!I wish I was going. I love scalloped potato but rarely make it.

Laura was there and having lots of fun playing dress up with one of the littlest members of our family.

Tonight I’m just cozy inside watching another movie. I don’t watch a lot of movies but sometimes it’s just nice to cozy up and relax.

And¬†that’s my Sunday!

Johnny K’s

I totally forgot about this. I wanted to mention¬†our stop at Johnny K’s on vacation.

What is Johnny K’s¬†you ask?

It is just the most famous place to get Donair’s in Halifax! It’s actually where Halifax’s FIRST donair was created. A donair is a¬†spicy, beef meat, and a sweet savoury sauce, onions , tomato served on¬†Lebanese-style pita. They are so good and the very best with chocolate milk. Actually chocolate milk is a MUST!

img_9560 img_9561 img_9562 img_9564 img_9565 img_9566 screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-59-44-pm

It’s East Coast Canada’s signature dish!! ¬†So delicious, you just have to try one.


PJ Friday!

It’s Friday!! Not a lot happening here. This morning I woke up and was little slow getting at things today. I enjoyed my coffee and caught up on blogs and news and just enjoyed the quiet¬†time. Besides…It’s a rainy day on the South Shore. Rainy days are GREAT for this sort of thing.

Mondays and Fridays are cleaning and laundry days for me. You know “clean before¬†for the weekend” and “clean after the weekend.” It works for me and has been my routine for years. I really enjoy neat and tidy and sleeping in a freshly laundered bed.

Today I got all that done and stayed in my PJ’s, had another coffee, did some research, had a little nap…actually I think I will call this Pajama Friday. ¬†It has been nice and relaxed BUT I think I better go shower and get “my pretty” on before David gets home from work.

Tomorrow looks like another rainy day…

I’m hoping it doesn’t put a damper on our neighbour’s daughter’s wedding.

ENJOY your weekend!