The GREAT Canadian TASTE Adventure—-East Coast to West Coast

I am such a foodie! We enjoyed some amazing meals this vacation, some of which were cooked by family. But this post is about some foods that were special as we travel across Canada or that are just known for certain areas and that we have enjoyed before or enjoy on a regular basis. Canada has so many delishes dishes! FROM East Coast to West Coast, here are some top picks!






Fish & Chips ( HADDOCK)


Montreal bagels




Smoked Meat




Beaver Tails


Canadian Maple Cookies

Butter Tarts


Fresh Fruit in season





Saskatoon Berry Pie


IMG_1239Nanaimo Bars


Game meats such as Bison & Elk


BC Wild Salmon


Fish & Chips (COD)


Yum! All these pictures in one post are making my mouth water. What are your favourite Canadian foods?

Today is the last day of July …summer is half over. Where did the time go? I guess when you’re traveling days run together and you don’t even know which day of the week it is. Tomorrow David is back to work, it’s the first of August, Natal Day, here in Nova Scotia, and the start of EVERYTHING “Back to School” Wait…didn’t the kids just get out of school. Ahh…


We are home!!! 3 weeks of travel and adventure!! What an absolutely fantastic vacation! BUT, boy are we pooped!!! We packed so much in three weeks that it’s time to be home for a few days rest before David goes back to work. Well, after the laundry is done, car is washed and cleaned and groceries bought and we get Abby girl from my parents. AND put our pool back up for the hot days here… And maybe relax a little bit …lol

IMG_6480 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6482 IMG_6481 IMG_6489

Today is our youngest son’s Birthday. James is 24 today BUT great thing for us, he is camping this weekend with friends so we will celebrate him on Monday. It gives us a couple days to get rested!

13600252_10154121911221858_1545873397579870720_n 13895437_10154168191686858_4074808735755292475_n

Ahhh….I can’t believe the beautiful provinces we have in our country. I feel very blessed to be a Canadian.

It’s nice to travel…BUT it’s good to be home.


ACROSS CANADA DAY: 20 July 29~ …the looonnnnggg way HOME

Today we will drive home. Fredericton, New Brunswick to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Not really that far.

IMG_6400 IMG_6401 IMG_6434 IMG_6433 Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.16.23 PM

BUT Leave it to me to extend this trip as long as I can.

Anna: “Hon, you know what we should do?”

David: “What?”

Anna: “We should take just a little extra time and pop down to one of our favourite spots”

David: ” Really?”

Anna: “Ya, we haven’t been there yet this summer and it would be such a nice ending to our Across Canada Adventure ”

lol, Haha…Guess where we went?

Can you tell from this picture?

How about this one?

IMG_6469 IMG_6470 IMG_6468Yes, we went to Peggy’s Cove. We stopped there for a really quick lunch.  First time there this season and we ( I) thought it was a great way to finish our Across Canada Adventure ❤

ACROSS CANADA DAY: 19 July 28~ Covered Bridge & City Hall

Today’s itinerary was Montreal to Fredericton. A day on the road with just short stops for gas and bathroom and CONSTRUCTION.We have stayed in Fredericton many times but usually enroute to somewhere. This time I wanted to go “downtown” to see city hall and the walking bridge and see what what was there. David tried his hardest to convince me we need to just drive home but … we stopped eventually, later than expected !

BECAUSE We also stopped at another spot. Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is in the heart of potato country – the perfect spot for making chips! We were really hopping to make it to Potato World today for potato soup and one of their unique French fries. When I was a kid traveling to and from Ontario to Nova Scotia with my family we always stopped for pictures with the potato man. But today as on the way up 3 weeks ago ,the cafe closed. So my second choice was Hartland  Covered bridge and a quick stop for Covered Bridge Potato Chips. We have been there many times when James was going to school in Hartland but stops , even short ones, on a mainly driving day make things interesting. Oh.. I hope I can sleep tonight, we are both a wee bit tired.

Goodnight from Freddy

ACROSS CANADA DAY: 18 July 27~ Montreal Bagels

I was craving authentic Montreal bagels! Today was supposed to be the the little diversion in our Across Canada Trip. Today we left Stoufville  for home and were gonna dip down to the USA. Just for a change of scenery.  We have done the drive from the Toronto area to Bridgewater via Canada so many times, we have also gone through the USA where gas is usually cheaper BUT, the more I got thinking about it the more I realized to make this a truly Canadian Road Trip,  that we needed to continue through Canada. And besides…I was craving Montreal Bagels. St-viateur bagels to be exact. They are the best! And then smoked meat and poutine….ya we just had to go to Montreal!

Traffic was busy on the 401, lots of construction and actually lots of construction right in Old Port Montreal. We stopped by St. Viateur Street to the original flag ship store of St. Viateur bagels. They are open 24/7 and there’s usually a lineup for fresh out of the oven bagels.

Tonight we are staying on Rue Saint Paul, the oldest street in the city with cobblestone streets, although I think some of the construction is to take the old cobblestone out. We are in a quaint designer boutique hotel in the heart of old town Montreal.

So out we went for a little adventure…smoked meat sandwich from a food truck at the port and then authentic poutine with real cheese curds from the famous Montreal Poutine restaurant.

I enjoy these kind of places so much especially at night…

Goodnight from our little boutique hotel in Montreal ❤

ACROSS CANADA DAY: 17 July 26~ Fly back to Toronto

Well sadly our stay on the West Coast is finished. We said Goodbye for now! This morning we were up super early again and flew back to Ontario. 

We spent the afternoon on the busy 401 and a couple hours  at the Toronto ZOO.Did you know that the Toronto Zoo has the first Panda cubs born in Canada? Born in October 2015, they are 9 months old now. A long 45 minute line up but that was what I wanted to see. David ‘s choice? The Komodo Dragon & Orangutan ‘s of course. 

We had dinner with my cousin ( like a sister) Priscilla and husband Neil in Stoufville and spent our overnight there.

It was so nice to visit with them. 

There are so many family and friends spread out across our beautiful country that we actually could have done a family and friends tour to see everyone, BUT this trip was for us…our Anniversary trip, and we really needed just to have quality time together. So it was nice to be able to visit with a few of the many very special people we know along the way. I can’t believe we are at this segment of our Adventure! Heading east in the morning 😊

ACROSS CANADA DAY: 16 July 25~ East Coast to West Coast

We are on the West Coast of our beautiful country! From Halifax to Victoria! We made it!!! Our country is truly amazing!!

We had fun exploring Victoria, BC’s beautiful capital city yesterday and today. Huge multi million dollar yachts, sea planes that fly you wherever you want to go, harbour taxis to the inner harbour and outer harbour, interesting float homes, historic buildings, 5 star hotels, magnificent castles, and Canada’s oldest China town and Oldest lighthouse on the West Coast …we saw it all. Victoria, BC’s Capital is a charming city.

Pictures will come soon. Internet at the Airport hotel is bad, they are having technical difficulties and since we are up again at 3 am for an early morning flight…I’ll say Goodbye British Columbia and goodnight!