Ox Pulls- summer 2016

One of Nova Scotia’s summertime traditions.

Many communities and towns in Nova Scotia hold Ox Pulls during the summer and fall. Oxen pulling is perhaps the most traditional agricultural competition still being held at county fairs. These pulls are very popular with fair patrons, not only because they are exciting, but because they are such a demonstration of skill, power and teamwork.

Our son’s wife, Kristina’s Father and Brother have been working with oxen for years!! It’s quite interesting to watch them. We don’t often get chance but the few times we have seen them in action it’s quite something!


It’s Ox Pull season along the South Shore…Canada Day, end of July at The Big Ex, and then varies fairs and Caledonia Exhibition. Good Luck Boys, wishing you a great season!


Adventure Awaits…

I picked up a copy of the 2016 Nova Scotia “Doers & Dreamers” book as well as the Culinary Guide.

Oh the possibilities & choices….


I love our East Coast province ❤ and I love summertime to explore and see and try new things!

This is such a great picture captured by a local photographer… Catherine Rose Photography.

Enjoy your last day of June!

Just a little muddy

James was away on the weekend volunteering at a really cool event!

IMG_8241 13528818_10154086225571858_1725346976090877500_n 13528756_541104712741599_7723398123743383070_n 13529252_541104716074932_1211499719099636800_n 13533285_540961686089235_5127321267319318541_n

13450722_538227676362636_287863643973629266_nLOTS of really cool obstacle course events!

He came home a wee bit muddy…

IMG_8240 But I do what I always do…IMG_8242

As good as new!     Phff! Just a little bit of mud 😀

He also managed to get to a really interesting place along the coast and get some photos. NOW I have another place to add to my list this summer.

Burnt head Cove by James Goode Photography
Burntcoat Head Park by James Goode Photography
Burntcoat Head by James Goode Photography
Burntcoat Head by James Goode Photography

Nova Scotia has so many beautiful places.

Where are you traveling this summer?

Snickers 😂

I tried a new recipe. Crunchy peanut butter and Snickers bars, YUMMY!!!! This is a dessert to laugh about!!


Takes about 10 minutes to whip up, chill for a few hours and YUM!!! An easy delicious cold dessert for summer. Everyone loved it and it is SUPER easy. I’ll be making this a few more times , I think 😀

It’s one of those treats that tastes gourmet but takes minutes to whip up! I’m laughing.


Step back in time this weekend


A gorgeous summer weekend and off we go to Liverpool for a Historic Festival.IMG_8148 IMG_8153

(And a little snack of Lil’ Orbits donuts)IMG_8161 IMG_8222

What are Privateer Days?

Privateers were privately owned ships that were authorized by government to raid ships from other countries – “a form of legalized piracy on the high seas” The men who served aboard these ships were also referred to as “privateers.” After the American Revolution, American privateer ships ranged up and down Nova Scotia’s South Shore, ambushing merchant shipments, disrupting commerce, and occasionally stealing ships right out of Liverpool’s wharves. Desperate to defend their homes, their families, and their livelihoods, many leading citizens of the Town of Liverpool petitioned the British government for the right to retaliate against these ocean raiders. In 1777, these citizens were granted authorization to launch privateer ships of their own. Liverpool quickly emerged as one of British North America’s leading privateer ports, eventually deploying more privateer vessels than even the much larger city of Halifax. Although privateers no longer roam the seas, and the day of the great sailing ships has passed, Liverpool’s significance in maritime history lives on in the town’s nickname to this day: PORT OF THE PRIVATEERS.

Privateer Days is the Annual Festival in Liverpool to celebrate and remember this colourful privateer heritage.

It was fun to watch this small reenactment along the waterfront with a gun salute and cannonball fired!IMG_8167 IMG_8169 IMG_8170 IMG_8171 IMG_8172 IMG_8175 IMG_8177

Complete with pirates 😀

IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8184 IMG_8185 IMG_8200 IMG_8201 IMG_8204 IMG_8213

Liverpool even has Privateer fire hydrants 😛IMG_8221

Kids and Cookies

We have company again this weekend. It’s summer and many of our friends are traveling and visiting. This time three little boys ( and their parents of course). I am not used to have young kids around anymore…especially three active boys! Time to make some cookies. I rarely make cookies anymore. Kids like chocolate chip skor bit cookies right?

They are here to visit family and grandparents and needed a place to sleep. Besides, David loves having boys around to tease and get the scoop on the new game apps 😀

IMG_8142 IMG_8143Have a great weekend! It’s a real beauty!!!