The Backyardigans

Well I can’t believe…the END of September. Where did this month go?

We have finally completed our list for the backyard renovation for this summer. Our list got altered a  little bit so there were a couple less projects “to do” this summer and a change of plan for next summer. So even though it’s finished for this year, we will have to start back up in the Spring! phew!

Last summer when we came home from living away, all our lawns and gardens were a mess. That’s what happens when there is no one to care for things. A huge lesson learned. Last Fall we built a new deck and cut down trees. This summer we redid the front lawn and gardens and then started on the backyard. Lots of new gardens and shrubs and plants and lots of yards of bark mulch, a walkway, a fire pit, a fence…I call this post “Backyardigans” because here is where we spent a good part of our free time this summer.

IMG_3504 IMG_3566 IMG_3719 IMG_4508 IMG_4511 IMG_4531 IMG_4619 IMG_4628 IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4223 IMG_4441 IMG_4443 IMG_4445 IMG_6365 IMG_6373 IMG_6375 IMG_6377 IMG_6431 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7941 IMG_7942 DSC09879 DSC09880 DSC09881 IMG_8620 IMG_8942 IMG_8944 IMG_8965 IMG_8967 IMG_8969And now to enjoy it a little…before the cold weather comes ( and we start inside projects)


The Jam Man

My husband loves jams and jellies. Homemade are the very best, and when we browse markets, that is some of the first things he looks for.

Last week when we were on vacation we finished up the backyard project ( well at least for this year). There are still some unfinished major things that will happen next year. But last week we bought some shrubs, one being a chokecherry bush that was full of berries.


David got the bright idea that he wanted to make chokecherry jelly. He did some research and these berries are very high in antioxidants. He wanted to take advantage of that and even went back and bought a second bush. ( Although I’m not sure how healthy it will all be when he adds 5-6 cups sugar to it for jelly)

Now the jam making…

It’s his thing and I’m not getting involved except to take a couple pics and give a little advice (& help when needed) in the kitchen.

IMG_8939 IMG_8941

IMG_8979 IMG_8980 IMG_8981 IMG_8982 IMG_8983 IMG_8984 IMG_8985 And voila…7 little jars of chokecherry jelly!IMG_8986And quite tasty on toast.

IMG_9041Great job honey!

Moon rising…

What do you get when you roll a super moon, lunar eclipse,harvest moon, and blood moon all in one?

You get the event that only happens once in a “blue moon”? lol

Last night’s moon was a rare lunar event. The last time it occurred was 1982 and the next time it will occur  will be 2033. This is an event that has been talked about for weeks and in Nova Scotia we had a pretty good view.

We took a leisurely drive along the beach last evening when the sun was setting and the moon started to rise…

DSC08303 DSC08304

DSC08309 DSC08310 DSC08312 DSC08320 DSC08321 DSC08322It was so beautiful! How I wish we could have stayed right here for the whole evening for this spectacular event, my living room window doesn’t have quite the same effect.

And because I don’t have a lens that will capture the spectacular event. Here are a few pics that local photographers captured of the eclipse.

12079254_10153556753475446_1626671445496820021_n 12027824_10156109958025298_6916365172553828697_n 11219024_1717614191806085_6235176647939851621_n 12046991_937873506285050_7019018629230985974_n 12028652_10153556837130446_1775921917825573288_o

A lunar eclipse causes the moon to take on a reddish tone and many refer to it as a “blood moon.” This year it is the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, making it a “harvest moon.”

And this next week the tides are expected to be especially high because of the close proximity of the full moon to the Earth and the occurrence near the autumnal equinox. We live in an area where the tides are pretty cool anyway so this should definitely be a beach week. For sure the surfers will be taking full advantage.

Will there be change in our world? History shows that any time there is a lunar event like this, there is BIG change. We shall see…I am just in awe of the beauty as we looked to the sky last evening!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

mid autumn

Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar so…that is TODAY!

The most common traditions for celebrating the Chinese festival are eating mooncakes and gazing at the moon, because mooncakes and the moon in Chinese culture are symbols of reunion.

So, here I am eating my mooncakes ( and I will definitely check out the moon tonight) and missing my Chinese friends and thinking about when I will see them again!

IMG_8195 IMG_8196 IMG_8198

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Bridgewater gets ArTsY

This weekend, Friday night and Saturday night, Bridgewater is all lit up with CREATIVITY! It’s the Afterglow Art Festival and this year it’s two evenings.

What is Afterglow Art Festival? It is a free art at night celebration of community creativity held in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. For three years the event has brought together artists of all kinds, from budding young artists to experienced professionals from across Lunenburg County to bring exposure to the talent of our community.

This year our daughter Laura is there with Face Forge.



12036432_10155964477010391_8808319034866614182_n IMG_8990

Lots of music and activities and artists…

IMG_8989 IMG_8992 IMG_8994 IMG_8995 IMG_8999 IMG_9002 IMG_9020 IMG_9021 IMG_9023And my favourite ( other than Face Forge, of course)…

IMG_9010 IMG_9017 IMG_9033

…floating lanterns, LOTS of them, floating down the river


🎵 apples and bananas ( I mean pumpkins)🎵🎵

This post made me think of the kids song we always used to sing when my children were little. And today I really wish we still had small children. What a wonderful day!!!

It was our day in the “Valley”.  The Annapolis Valley  is located in the western part of the province formed by a trough between two parallel mountain ranges along the shore of the Bay of Fundy. The Valley  is where all the beautiful farms, orchards and vineyards of Nova Scotia are located.

First Stop… Glad Gardens in Waterville. We have never been to this market but it’s awesome. It just so happens that this weekend they’re hosting the Annual Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers Competition and Weigh Off. The pumpkins (and other veggies) were starting to arrive when we got there. The main event is tomorrow and it looks like fun!! Pumpkins, squash, gourds, sunflowers…even watermelons. Who grows the largest? Some of the largest pumpkins to date have been 1800lbs!! Whoa Baby! We had fun talking about growing LARGE produce with some of the guys and enjoyed browsing the garden. We even got the Japanese Maple Tree we have been wanting.

IMG_8662 IMG_8665 IMG_8666 IMG_8671 IMG_8677 IMG_8681 IMG_8683 IMG_8688

Next STOP Berwick. Nova Scotia’s Apple Capital and the whole reason I wanted to come to the Valley! It’s the time of year when all those beautiful apple blossoms from the Spring, turn in to delicious apples and are harvested.


IMG_8704IMG_8701IMG_8696We stopped at Wheaton’s for a few crafts and apple cider and then it was on to back country roads looking for the perfect U-PICK!

IMG_8713 IMG_8715

And it is here in Dempsey Corner that we found the most perfect spot. And where I wished my kids were little again!!!


We had lunch in the Old Barn. Delicious Squash soup and a homemade biscuit. We chatted with the owner about the history of the farm and what they offer.

IMG_8737 IMG_8740 IMG_8743 IMG_8922

We spent a lovely Fall afternoon wandering the orchards, picking blueberries and apples. Tasting peaches & cream corn, sweet peaches and apricots, and pears. We had chickens and a little goat follow us around and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon! ( just like a pig in mud)

IMG_8744 IMG_8745 IMG_8752 IMG_8756 IMG_8766 IMG_8787 IMG_8795 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_8797 IMG_8802 IMG_8808 IMG_8814 IMG_8816 IMG_8838 IMG_8841 IMG_8842 IMG_0733 IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8874 IMG_8878 IMG_8881IMG_0735IMG_8884 IMG_8886 IMG_8890 IMG_8903 IMG_8913 IMG_8919

And for the road…some fresh out of the oven baked goodies to enjoy with our coffee! It was a marvellous day!!