“LIVE” in Lunenburg

Canada Am is LIVE in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia this morning!

This letter was sent out by Tourism Nova Scotia

How cool is that?

Jeff Hutcheson, sports and weather anchor for the CTV morning show for the past 18 years announced his retirement earlier this month. Known as the “king of the remote broadcast “, Hutcheson is hitting the road for his final cross-Canada tour and has chosen Lunenburg for his last stop.

So, I debated …”Do I go, or do I stay?” Go in to Lunenburg? It’s only 20 minutes from my home. It would be so much fun to see this broadcast LIVE. OR…do I stay at home and watch it with my favourite coffee in hand like I do every morning. Canada Am is actually part of my morning routine. Hmm?

I actually decided to stay home, just because I knew it would be a cool broadcast and I didn’t want to miss it. You know how watching something live works? You go just for the fun and experience of it all but you don’t actually really see the show.

So…Here are a few pics from home lol


Cool…I see Colin in the crowd!IMG_7330

Talking with the Captain of the Bluenose II

East coast music live in Lunenburg:

As much as I would LOVE to be in Lunenburg for this, I know I am seeing more at home in front of my TV. Excuse the fuzzy pics!!! Better if I was there in person. 😛IMG_7342 IMG_7339 IMG_7341 IMG_7344 IMG_7346 IMG_7348 IMG_7351

Premier McNeil presents Jeff with a Bluenose II Crew jacket as an honorary member of the crew 😀
IMG_7352 IMG_7353

Hey, it’s our friend Adam Bower from The Grand Banker and one of the Banker chef’s cooking up “The Lunenburger” ( I actually saw Adam’s Mom Marlene and wife Cristina in the crowd too) So cool!!

IMG_7369It was such a great broadcast!!  A perfect job promoting touristy Lunenburg and area.

Jeff Hutcheson from Canada AM with Lunenburg Mayor Rachel Bailey

Thank you Jeff for choosing Lunenburg as your last remote broadcast before you retire!

And that’s a wrap for the Month of May! 😀

I still remember …

A friend posted a picture on her Facebook page last night and immediately it took me back a few years… maybe 40 years …

…back to when I was a kid and would spent hours walking in the woods with my Dad or help him cut wood and keep his land trimmed from all the undergrowth. That was back in the day when my younger sister and I would spend many weekends with him on his acres of woodland while Mom worked. I didn’t do too much work, I was too little, but I had fun making Barbie doll houses out of moss ( yes I took my Barbies everywhere) and picking mayflowers and trilliums and lady slippers. I actually closed my eyes and could remember the woods road and trails, and which path went to what place and the places we got stuck or that were really mossy…even the places we made little forts. That was so long ago!  Dad sold his woodland a few years back. He had only girls, and girls wouldn’t want woodland…lol

So when my friend posted this picture of the Lady Slippers growing in her wooded area garden…I remembered these special moments in time!

Lady slipper photo by Peggy Theriault
Lady slipper photo by Peggy Theriault

And a few more pictures of Lady Slippers in her garden. Aren’t they just perfect!

Photo by Peggy Theriault
Photo by Peggy Theriault
Photo by Peggy Theriault
Photo by Peggy Theriault

I guess that’s why I love orchids so much and they are one of my favs.

IMG_7174Thanks Peggy for the inspiration!

🌸🌸🌸 Apple Blossom Weekend 🌸🌸🌸

That was quite a thunder and lightning storm we had in the wee hours this morning. It was one of those crash, bang, light up the whole sky storms, and it woke me up with a start. We don’t tend to have those kinda storms in these parts of the country so it was cool and… I guess I must have fell back to sleep.

This weekend is Apple Blossom Weekend in Nova Scotia, especially in the Annapolis Valley. Lots of events and activities and the Annual Apple Blossom Parade. While I really wanted to go, I also wanted to stay home and just do a couple things in my back yard. It’s getting just the way I want it so it’s fun to spend time there. I did manage to get to an Apple Orchard though, one more local, and walk down the path and smell that wonderful smell of the blossoms. There’s nothing like it!! I also picked up some rhubarb and apples so I could make a tasty treat to enjoy when we are relaxing tonight.

IMG_7242 IMG_7248 IMG_7244

IMG_7246 IMG_7247 IMG_7243 IMG_7245 IMG_7262 IMG_7261

It was a fun day!

A little Friday afternoon project

We NEED to reinvent or revamp a backyard project we did last year…

David came home from work this afternoon with this.


Reinvent the fire pit!

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside around a campfire in the summer? I love it! And last weekend on the long weekend I wanted to have a fire and David said we couldn’t because there was a ban on fires. We live in town and there are many restrictions so it makes the amount of time and opportunity to use our fire pit very limited. So…I did some research and convinced David to make an investment and revamp our fire pit.

IMG_7195 IMG_7196 Revamp it to fit a propane fire bowl.

It only came with a little lava rock, so off to Canadian Tire to get a couple more bags.IMG_7198 IMG_7200

This is the finished project

IMG_7201 IMG_7203 IMG_7204 IMG_7208

It’s not quite like a beautiful “real” wood burning camp fire,  BUT it will have to satisfy… I actually love it!IMG_7210

It even comes with a cover. IMG_7214

Not too bad for a Friday after work project 🙂 Have a good weekend!


I just couldn’t resist!!!


I really shouldn’t just wander around shops…I see things!

I had to pick up something yesterday at one store and decided to wander in another store. I hadn’t been there for awhile. Well, I was doing ok and ready to leave when I saw it!


Fabric panels of Canadian cities. And…


coordinating fabric.

Ahhhhh…. I had an idea! A little mid week project for yesterday and today.

Across Canada Cities

A lap blanket/picnic table cloth/picnic blanket for our hikes. PERFECT for our 30th Anniversary Across Canada Trip!

It rolls up tiny for in our hiking bag and also folds nice to put in our guest room when not in use.

I even personalized it 😀David 3 Anna

Haha, lots of fun! David loves it, but of course, cautions my spontaneity!!

So many places…so little time!

I figured I really need to get planning and an itinerary made for our Across Canada Trip.

We are less than 6 weeks away from beginning this fun adventure and I need to get my research done. The problem is… ok there are a few problems…

So many places to see and so little time ( and money) We only have 3 weeks.

AND…doing all this research at night while I am relaxing , gets me excited and anxious and I can’t turn my “thinker” and ideas off. It takes me forever to fall asleep.

BUT, it’s fun! I absolutely LOVE to research places and plan trips to places we will visit. It’s so interesting, our World is amazing, and Canada…well Canada is an absolutely beautiful country!

3 weeks…first part driving, second part flying and renting a car ( twice),  and third part flying back to get our car and driving home.

As I have been researching, I have been saving some pics of places we plan to see…here’s a peak of our proposed itinerary in pictures.

Excited to go on a road trip in our little Volvo 😀


Le funiculaire descend dans la Ville Basse, la vieille ville de Québec



moraine cn_image_0.size.fairmont-chateau-lake-louise-lake-louise-alberta-101421-1.ashx Resize of DSC_9308






Can you see why I’m so excited? ahhhh….

There are so many beautiful places and neat things to do…many of them we have seen before, some a few times, I just have to fine tune it so we don’t miss the things that are important and so we don’t exhaust ourselves trying to do too much! The more I research the more I see…PLUS I want to leave some room for spontaneity!

Oh to be a travel planner…BUT then I guess the fun comes when you can actually carry through with your plans!