Tonight …we dance (and EAT cake)

When you have a destination wedding you realize that not all the special people in your life will be there. It’s just not possible. That is why today Andrew & Kristina will celebrate their life as husband & wife with more of the people that are special to them. Tonight is a chance to mingle and tonight we dance!


It’s Celebration time!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.06.32 PM

And dance we did! It was a privilege to dance with my boy at his wedding!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.58.14 PM It was a wonderful evening with family and friends, some we haven’t seen for awhile.

I was so busy I didn’t take a lot but here are a few pics…

IMG_6722 IMG_6723 IMG_6727 IMG_6729 IMG_6730 IMG_6742


Some just for fun…

IMG_2049 IMG_205113161964_10154157489176241_3774077979023005121_o 13173075_10154157489686241_4134807220297364126_o 13072742_10154157501166241_392101586278795415_o 13173032_10154157501381241_974572897927421090_o 13131783_10154157498056241_1824864824770485671_o

And just a peak from the ones done by their photographers. Belle Visage ( I may add a few at a later time when they get their photos back)

img_7871 img_7873 img_7872

Congratulations Andrew & Kristina!  ❤

Wedding Day~April 16, 2016 DESTINATION~ Meliá Las Dunas -Cayo Santa Maria, CUBA

What could be more romantic than a tropical wedding?

That is exactly what our son and his fiancé chose for their special day and it was spectacular.

The sky, the water, the sun and the tropical coral and turquoise colors they chose…made for the most gorgeous of pictures.

Here are some of my favourites!


13015612_992533277481542_8386554478240611013_n 13061923_992533220814881_8777207746780576846_n





13000273_992533500814853_3288118701430863310_n 13015106_992533787481491_8645195133571252261_n

11219690_992533837481486_5044058821887863703_n13015529_992533910814812_5419405931937718896_n12998672_992533954148141_2389315863516958734_n_DSC2396 _DSC2397 _DSC2409 _DSC2412 _DSC2415 _DSC2420 _DSC2424 _DSC2431

13001231_992534364148100_7084764140925287841_n 13062128_992534274148109_4139388555441866334_n

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.25.57 AM 13062256_992534524148084_7265621769601941442_n 13062540_992534550814748_4564383332166342189_n


12994456_992534860814717_4759564920496021467_n 13055313_992535080814695_1954991682598292132_n 13062142_992535420814661_986604900090224361_nThese are just a few pics capturing the wonderful day!

Congratulations Andrew & Kristina ❤



Antique Cars… Cuban Style

Cuba is well known for a few things…cigars, rum and…it’s old cars. David & I LOVED all the old cars everywhere. From the really old ones not in great shape on back roads in the countryside to the shiny colourful ones that were restored and/or cleaned up a bit to be a taxi for a small fee…


We REALLY wanted to get to Havana the capital of Cuba and see more cars and more history but time just didn’t allow. Fortunately for us there were plenty of cars for hire and one guy was even down from Havana with his Oldsmobile….so what did we do? We hired a few of them and enjoyed cruising around in style!

1949 Oldsmobile from Havana~

IMG_1820 IMG_8448 IMG_6435

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.26.00 AMLots of oldies…
IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_64601934 Purple Ford with Rumble Seat~


IMG_1457 IMG_8880 IMG_2990 IMG_5807And then for Wedding pics we had the Pink & White 1957 Cadillac, 1955 white Chevy, and the Yellow & White Bel Air

_DSC7848 _DSC7990

IMG_6025 IMG_6027So much fun!!!!!!

We even bought a beautiful canvas to remember the fun we had…


Drivin’ in style!

To the market for Cuba souvenirs

And of course I can’t forget the shopping. Yes, market shopping is the best!  There were 2 markets close by that we visited a couple of times.

IMG_5459 IMG_5462

James & Kristina blending in… 😀IMG_5464 IMG_5465 IMG_5466 IMG_5467 IMG_5468 IMG_5470 IMG_5471 IMG_5473

A Chinese restaurant in Cuba…too bad I didn’t have chance to try it out 😛IMG_5476 IMG_5489 IMG_5490 IMG_6128 IMG_5492 IMG_5496

Cuban cigar makingIMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5500 IMG_5503
IMG_6032 IMG_6034 IMG_6035 IMG_6037 IMG_6041 IMG_6111 IMG_6050

IMG_3401 13055290_10154128793921241_2294270087794670001_n

DSC09667 DSC09664 DSC09671 DSC09662 DSC09669There’s something for everyone at the market! Enjoy your Saturday.

Cuba Vacation PART ~2

Relaxing at the resort was so lovely, BUT what else did we do?

We did a Jeep Excursion! Running around the mainland seeing some back country places.

DSC09555 DSC09559DSC09563 DSC09565 It was a full day…horseback riding, watching a cock fight ( not to the death, just a demonstration) beautiful gardens, cane tasting, cow milking, authentic Cuban lunch ( roast pig, rice & beans) swimming in a local water hole and chance to interact a bit with the locals. I even bought a piece of art from a Juan Carlos 😀



12993562_10156833785025296_2519697944983160640_nIMG_5218 IMG_5225 DSC09569 IMG_5249 IMG_5242 IMG_5372 IMG_5302 IMG_5310 IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5320 IMG_5353 IMG_5366 IMG_5376 IMG_5384 IMG_5382 IMG_5409 DSC09646 IMG_5444

DSC09648 DSC09649 DSC09650 DSC09651 DSC09657 DSC09659 DSC09660

And held this little parrot…

thumb_IMG_1826_1024 thumb_IMG_1827_1024 thumb_IMG_1830_1024 thumb_IMG_1836_1024I loved this part!!

thumb_IMG_1811_1024IMG_5206 IMG_5229 DSC09573 DSC09574 DSC09575 DSC09580 DSC09583 DSC09608

IMG_5204 IMG_5313

It was a full day and I ate plenty of dust but such a great way to see a bit of life in Cuba off the “resort island”

Cuba Vacation PART ~1

David & I love to travel. We love to travel South in the Winter to escape the cold. Believe it or not this is our very first time to stay at a resort for an entire week!

Our choice Winter getaway is cruising! This year, however,we are in Cuba. We are here for the wedding and it’s also a great way to see if we like all inclusive resort vacations. We flew into Santa Clara Airport and then took a bus to the resort. ( Our very own Wedding Group bus)



img_5045Just off Cuba’s north coast is the inviting resort destination of Cayo Santa Maria. With its white sand beaches, azure waters, and range of resorts, a vacation here is full of sunshine and relaxation. The area is known for its beaches, and has become famous for tourists that flock to its shores to step away from reality and enjoy the Cuban hospitality, heat, and landscape.

Cayo Santa Maria is an island on the north of Cuba in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, connected to mainland Cuba by a 48-kilometer causeway. With more than 10-kilometers of pristine, white sand beaches lapped by crystal clear blue waters.  Flights from Canada to Cayo Santa Maria arrive at the Santa Clara airport and then take a bus transfer approximately 1.5 hours from Cayo Santa Maria to the resort district on the island and across the causeway from mainland Cuba. Due to Cayo Santa Maria’s location, on an island just off of the mainland north coast of Cuba, the area is known for its resort community, but little else beyond the beach and poolside activities.

img_5063 img_5064

So…What to do a whole week in one place?

Well seeing as we were there for the wedding, a bit of time was spent making sure everything was ready for Saturday and then it was beach time, eating, pool time, eating, eating, entertainment, coffee and check mail, eating, and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of walking. Melia las Dunas resort is large and so we spent a lot of time all week walking just getting to places.

IMG_6080 DSC09675 DSC09676 DSC09677 IMG_6085 IMG_6087 IMG_6088 IMG_6119 IMG_6092 IMG_6107 IMG_6138 IMG_6175 IMG_6253 IMG_6367 IMG_6400 IMG_6415 IMG_6478 IMG_6498

img_5077 img_5080 img_5140 img_5130 img_5186 img_5139 img_5161 img_5450 img_5529 img_5508 img_5644 img_5118 img_5649 img_5610 img_5453 img_5597 img_5546 img_5541 img_5527 img_5524

IMG_5612 IMG_6125 IMG_5665 IMG_6070 IMG_6075 IMG_6105 IMG_6082 IMG_6475 13051481_10156833782630296_7512926866532771657_n 13043419_10156833782615296_1720812762565042010_n 13010611_10154128784031241_7751889528964567749_nWe had so much fun…

Tomorrow see what else we did!