We’re still not barbecuing steak this summer…

Haha…NOPE! We can’t do it BECAUSE that would be just plain MEAN!!

Today marks ONE YEAR that my sweetie has had braces on!!

Yes, it’s a lot more of an ordeal for a 52 year old than a teenager or even a 23 year old ( when James had his braces) And unfortunately it’s gonna take a little while longer than 1 year…sorry hon!

Poor David has had a few challenges with braces poking his cheek and busting brackets. We’ve teased him a bit that he needs a standing appointment each week just to get things fixed after the adjustments. He’s a trooper though.  He LOVES food probably more than I do BUT there is a BIG difference. He’s not adventurous and doesn’t really care for all the “green” that shows up in dished when I cook. He LOVES what I call “junk food” Anything sweet and sugary and not good for you. And he he’s very slim and trim…how is that possible?

BUT with braces this last year he has been good about not eating so much sugary food and of course there are things he just can not eat. Actually, he’ll tell you eating has NOT been “fun” this last year. And he’s lost weight. Poor guy…everyone comments that he’s gotten skinny. haha.

So today is ONE year! ONE down! AND hopefully not too much longer!!!! But I am so proud of you hon that you made it this far!!!

In the meantime…enjoy those soft treats that you enjoy…

There’s plenty of time for BBQ steak…when the braces come off!!


May Day

Happy 1st of May!

may day, may day…

I’m just over here having a few issues with my blog trying to decide the best course to take. Just letting you know I may be MIA for awhile…

Enjoy this beautiful new month! Happy May Day!

All spruced up!

What a gorgeous day!!

Definitely a day to spend in the garden and on the lawn getting things spruced up. With the two days of rain…everything SUDDENLY turned green and colours popped. Ahh…this time of year!

David raked all the dead grass and started at the task of digging the weeds from our lawn. The weeds are unbelievable!!!! We put new grass on our front garden two years ago. And it doesn’t look great this Spring. Last Spring it was  gorgeous! This Spring there is weeds and bare spots. Last summer’s drought and bugs ( because of the drought) did a number on it. ( Besides it’s never good to go on a 3 week vacation in July when there is no rain. No one to water the grass causes problems) Ughh…so…I feel like we are back to square one! Well, not quite that bad BUT it’s not as good as we like. This year we will be at it again when we figure out what the best solution is. The “crazy” weed that you just can’t get rid of or spray for, keeps coming back! Then there is the back lawn…same thing. And the crows have a mess made. So David put seed in an area. We’ll see how that goes!

While David raked, I was in the flower gardens again. It’s surprising how many weeds had grown since I was there the beginning of April. But it took a lot less time to get through them all. *Note to self- Weed gardens regularly!!

We also got out the lawn furniture and cleaned out the garden shed. “Junk Day” is Monday this week and we wanted to put some “junk” curbside so it could ” magically walk away” or get picked up with the trash on Monday.

So while the deck still needs staining and the vinyl on the house washed, and the wooden furniture stained or painted, most things are in place to use this coming Spring/Summer season. We will get at all those jobs checked off the list one at a time!

It just feels so wonderful to be outside!! What did you do this weekend?


Colourful visitors

So I put my bird feeders up this week because I was hearing and seeing lots of birds in my backyard garden and today I had so many colourful visitors. MORE than pictures can really capture.

Here are a few of my favourites of the little yellow finches.

Tomorrow looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day. Time to get back in the garden!

April showers

bring May Flowers!

We are finally getting the typical spring “April Showers”

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be rainy days. Two days of rain is really not enough and it is not typical of April.

It has been cold this month and a few small snow days, mixed with a few hot sunny days BUT colder than normal weather, and not rainy to make everything pop with color.

It seems as though this year is a late start and I really hope it doesn’t mean that we will have another dry summer…

As much as I’d rather a sunny day…I’m thankful for the rainy day! Hmm? What to do?

Abby says nap 😀

Sunny Monday ☀

It’s a sunny warm Monday here in Nova Scotia. A PERFECT way to start the week.

I had a few colourful visitors this morning ( did’t get my camera quick enough) telling me it was time to fill up my bird feeders. I love watching these little feathered visitors in the morning and Abby gets excited about the word “birds” . So first thing on my list…put seed in the feeders ✔

This weather gets me thinking about summer and before you know it, it will be vacay time! David has time off in May, June, July & September this year ( for summertime vacation) Yay!!!!! Even though we don’t have any big travel plans this year…it’s a “stay at home” “enjoy our own province” kinda year…I’m planning, oh yes I am! 😂 May vacation will be mainly yard work. I’ve got his “work order” started. June and July we will relax at home and do some day trips and exploring.

I will give you a sneak peak at one little “getaway” I am planning. We are going to spend a couple of nights here in July.

What do ya think? I can’t wait!!

There’s no time like the present to start getting things on my list! ✍

It’s a PERFECT day for a BBQ dinner.

Well, that’s all for now…have a great day!