A little About Me

Hello! My name is Anna and I live in the small town of Bridgewater, along the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

After living and traveling in China and Brazil with my husband for 3 years I am back living in my hometown. One thing I realized from the whole expat experience is that my home, Canada, is a beautiful country and the East Coast…Nova Scotia, especially, has such beautiful places, interesting culture, festivals & events. And the food…if you love seafood namely good white fish (haddock), scallops and lobster…well you have to come to Nova Scotia.

I enjoy blogging too much to give it up so I’ve decided to start a fresh blog ( see adventurefortwo.wordpress.com for adventures about China & Brazil and our year adjusting to life back home)  This blog may not contain daily posts like the previous blog but it will give detail and pictures, interesting facts, fun and events of beautiful Nova Scotia life and as we travel and explore. And on occasion there will be posts about  other provinces and interesting places in Canada.  I LOVE  my country and my province and it’s just too much fun and too beautiful not to share!

This is me (and my yorkie poo Abby)… Just an East Coast Canadian Girl!






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