Delicious FOOD… East Coast Style…End of Season REVEAL

It’s the END of Summer!! Well when it’s the last day of August that’s what it means for me!  It’s kind of the end of season for eating out at all kinds of interesting spots even though there’s probably another month of quite nice weather. It’s September 1st tomorrow and for many and different reasons I will be starting to eat CLEAN.

So… As promised back in June,

“This summer I thought I would switch it up to include all kinds of local food…East Coast food!

From fish cakes to food trucks to fish & chips to maybe even baked bean and salad suppers haha, we’ll see about that one. So starting now until the end of August when we are out and about and have chance to stop at interesting places, I’ll be sure to order something fun, East Coast style, and at the end of the Summer I’ll show you some of my favourites!

And here’s the BIG REVEAL…

Fish Tacos at the Old Fish Factory Restaurant in Lunenburg


Fish & Chips at The Best Little Oarhouse in Nova Scotia, Bridgewater

IMG_7941The Rugged Dude Burger at The Best Little Oarhouse in Nova Scotia, Bridgewater


The South Shore Fish Shack, Lunenburg

The Holy Haddock Burger at The Best Little Oarhouse in Nova Scotia, Bridgewater

Fish & Chips, Maxwell’s Plum, Halifax


Potato Skins, Grand Banker in Lunenburg


Lobster Sandwich at Goldwater Lobster Shack at The Seaport Market in Halifax


Fish Tacos at Stayner’s Wharf Pub & Grill, Halifax Waterfront


So…this post didn’t quite end up the way I had hoped. After we got back from vacay the end of July, I had a few health issues so we didn’t eat out a lot, not like we are used to in the summer so this “reveal” didn’t end up being quite the blog I wanted it to be..Oh well! We still had some amazing food and enjoyed all the places we went to.

And even had some GREAT seafood at home too!!

Take Out Fish & Chips from the Oarhouse

And I made Lobster sandwiches for a “Special” Sunday lunchIMG_6792

And scallops with fresh veggies

We enjoyed lots and lots of amazing meals on our 3 week vacation too but since they were across Canada, it really doesn’t count.

Tomorrow is.. SEPTEMBER 1st! Here’s to a great September and  Fall!

Is it the dawn of a new Trudeau era?

Pierre Trudeau, was among the first western leaders to recognize “new China” when he established diplomatic ties in 1970, later becoming the first Canadian PM to travel there in 1973.

NOW, more than 4 decades later, his son, Justin Trudeau Canada’s newest PM and his wife and daughter are making their first official visit to China. They arrived in Beijing today to start their 6 day visit. Exciting times as Canada will strengthen ties with the world’s new economic superpower, China.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with China President Xi JinpingThere are many opinions out there regarding China and regarding Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. All I can say is after having lived in China, I like that Canada wants to strengthen the relationship and Justin…well no one can say that he isn’t out there representing Canada in world politics. He is NOT taking a back seat. Love their families visibility in the media representing Canada. His wife Sophie is such a refreshing inspiration to all women.


There’s SoMeThInG FiShY about this EXPAT get together…

Haha Oh fun!!! I Love love our expat get togethers. Periodically we get together with friends that we were in Brazil and China with. It’s a chance to catch up but also to reminisce about the awesome times we had living in foreign countries.

This time Wanda & Curt hosted a wonderful potluck get together at their home in West LaHave. It was a perfect chance to catch up with them as well as Heidi & Stephen and Marlene & Stephen.

Wanda is a dear sweet friend, I love her. We share so many common interests and are of the same mind with many things. I love the way she expresses herself and her creativity. Since coming back home in May, Wanda opened her “Something Fishy Studio” and has been so busy every day creating and filling her awesome space with wonderful things for tourists and locals inspired by her life as a lighthouse keepers daughter and growing up by the sea. I have been wanting to stop in at her studio down the river and thankfully she gave “the girls” a tour.

Here our a few pics of our get together and Something Fishy Studio!

14117815_10157275507180109_4406484078534941764_n 14054121_10157275507675109_2558589832015773416_n IMG_7068

IMG_6859 IMG_6872 IMG_6876 IMG_6877 IMG_6878 IMG_6882 IMG_6884 IMG_6892 IMG_6906

IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6862 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6869 IMG_6871

Fun times!!

For the past two weeks…

For the past two weeks we watched along with the rest of the world, the BEST of the BEST, the world’s greatest athletes compete in Rio. Nova Scotia had some wonderful athletes on the Canadian team. With great pride we congratulate them on their achievements.

Tonight, one last event that brings the world just a little bit closer together, It is the closing of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. And in Rio Carnaval style…a HUGE party and celebration! It was spectacular.


IMG_6800 IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6809The rest are NOT my pictures but some of my favourites from the night. And to be honest, watching the Olympics made me realize how fortunate I was to have lived in this place for 14 months and to visit the many famous landmarks numerous times. It actually made me miss Brazil and Rio ( which I said never would) lol

IMG_6817 IMG_6819 IMG_6820 IMG_6821 14124540_1234435076591369_1562349615667081216_o 14107665_1234435343258009_97736551992871053_o

14066303_1234443316590545_4223398205695518976_oLooking forward to 2020 and what Tokyo will bring!