It’s the last of 2016. For us it will be a quiet one at home. As we anticipate a brand new year! It only seemed fitting to walk the beach and watch the waves…I LOVE the Ocean.

img_4720 img_4723 screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-7-45-09-pm img_4776 screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-7-51-37-pm img_4778 screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-7-47-54-pm img_4898 img_4803 img_4837 img_4901 img_4903 img_4904 img_4850 img_4851 img_4856 beach-on-dec-31 img_4881 img_4882 img_4896 img_4893


We did go out for Chinese food with my Mom & Dad. I LOVE Chinese food ( even if it’s not authentic) for New Year.

img_4921 screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-8-15-47-pm img_4992

And then home to ring in the New Year ( with Miss Laura) watching TV and the celebrations in Ottawa and New York ( David’s sister and husband are celebrating in New York this year) and just enjoying a quiet evening relaxing.

img_4552 img_4991 img_4990 img_4989 screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-7-57-24-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-8-06-00-pm screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-8-31-59-pm

img_5005 img_5008 img_5040 img_5041 img_5056


img_5015 img_5016 img_5032 img_5034 img_5048new-year

15747477_1194239480644253_8443425053551862221_nWELCOME 2017!


2016 in review…

Today is Friday and everyone is gearing up for the New Year Weekend! I can’t believe in a few short hours 2016 will be just memories…

2016 was quite a year for us! Our oldest son’s wedding in Cuba! What wonderful time enjoying the sun and sand with our family. Our 30th Wedding Anniversary 3 WEEK Across Canada Trip! That was truly a highlight. And then to finish off the year A week in Shenyang, China. It felt like a trip HOME! I guess those were the highlights for me…because I love to travel. BUT at the same time there were so many small, special day to day moments intertwined in-between those BIG moments. Times spent with family and friends. Sad and happy moments…deaths…and BIRTHS. Jobs lost, promotions gained! Things to celebrate, blessings to be THANKFUL For! Yes…2016 was quite a year!

I’ve looked at a few of these fun little quizzes on social media this week…just for fun and thought I would share the results.

Well…these made me smile. Some truth. Some thoughts…I don’t know how they came up with it… Either way, as 2016 fades into memories…

img_4520 img_4521

I am thankful and looking forward to what’s ahead for 2017!

How are you spending your last days of 2016? What will you do to ring in the New Year?




Sunrise…Sunset…Sunrise…Sunset 🎶

Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset,
Swiftly flow the days,
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers,
Blossoming even as they gaze…
Sunrise sunset…
Soon 2016 will be but memories…Good ones, Amazing ones!!!
My dear husband is back to work for a few days. Yesterday, today and tomorrow he has 12 hour shifts and is very busy overseeing some maintenance work during the holiday shut down. His long days working have been giving me time to do some things at home that I don’t normally get chance to do over the Christmas holidays.
During this time I have also been thinking a lot! Thinking of all the blessings of the past year…we’ve had many!!!! Thinking ahead to what 2017 will bring…
A lot of tragedy…a lot of death and uncertainty in the news the last few days… It really makes you stop and think and count your blessings!
Days swiftly flow…sunrise’s come, followed by beautiful sunsets. I’m not sure which I enjoy more. December has brought some beauties!
I hope you get a few quiet moments before this year is through to enjoy them. Here is one I took…
The rest are beautiful sunrises and sunsets captured by fellow photographers from Nova Scotia enjoying them too! ( Betty Meredith a local photographer is one of my favourites to follow)
15732668_10212087244957791_5366439811059573488_o 15741095_10154085527996120_5590682755498814959_n 15781132_10208383084834883_5750157310065194270_n 15740787_10154731353251093_814419106461995634_n 15732070_1296501277080333_4008003076059378191_o 15799952_1296501597080301_2316318692131628465_o
May EVERY sunrise hold more PROMISE
And every SUNSET hold more PEACE
I pray you are making the most of each day and the opportunities and adventures it presents…
( Sunrise, Sunset…from Fiddler on the Roof)

What is happening here?

I am sad!!! VERY very sad!!!! Something is happening here along the coast of Nova Scotia in the last month…and no one can figure it out!!!!!!

Herring, Lobster, Bar clams, Starfish and more…

15665820_10153957219720672_570750332964845033_n 15697646_10153957219885672_300650572248465869_n 15740831_10153957220325672_4775692536022090319_n 15747794_10153957220370672_4879573638603554249_n 15781132_10153957221185672_547384145578485860_n 15698285_10153960594320672_7337359685035432286_n 15697228_10153960594470672_4914741341098347670_n

In some of the photos it looks like things have been cooked.( lobster turns from black to red when it has been cooked or steamed)

A marine mystery is confounding residents of southwest Nova Scotia who are watching thousands of dead fish, starfish, crabs, clams, scallops and lobster wash up on the shore. Residents of Plympton, a small community in Digby County, say they have been finding dead herring on the shore of St. Mary’s Bay for more than a month, but recently other marine life has started washing up dead. Dead fish have also been found on the shores of the Annapolis Basin. This is extra concerning now that other species are involved.The Department of Fisheries and Oceans began investigating Nov. 22 after thousands and thousands of herring began washing in the eastern end of St. Mary’s Bay. But still no one knows what’s causing this!!!

I hope this mystery is solved soon!!! It is so very sad for our beautiful coast and all the marine life. What is happening??


Brain Training

Research has shown that regular brain training can significantly enhance fluid intelligence, which is the fundamental human ability to reason, detect patterns and learn.

Daily training is important and I am realizing this more and more. My dear husband is 3 years older than me and I think our kids are realizing that their Dad needs (& likes) some puzzles to keep his brain sharp and exercised for his job.

This year for Christmas some items for Brain training… And since he doesn’t go back to work until tomorrow, it was time to start a puzzle.

img_4495 img_4493

And a real challenge…


and another fun one ( from his parents)


Lots of “brain training” for my Maintenance Technician!

img_4498I hope you’re enjoying these last days of 2016.

The last birthday…

Yep…it’s my birthday! The last one…

…the last one BEFORE the BIG 50 that is! 2017 is gonna be a HUGE year!

So I will celebrate this Birthday in a similar manner ( Birthday meal at my parents) as all the rest and remember the wonderful years of my forties…

This year we decided to have my Birthday dinner in the evening. It is usually at noon time BUT it’s kinda nice just to relax and veg with nothing planned ( and the kids all like to sleep in til noon on days off…hey they are shift workers so it’s understandable) And …James is taking off to Quebec today to spend a week’s vacay with friends and he made me a delicious brunch before he went…

Eggs Benedict topped with Maple Smoked Salmon

img_4442 img_4439 img_4441

Birthday Mimosasimg_4427and…Birthday celebrations at Mom’s. Turkey burgers, lobster sandwiches, cake with boiled icing…

img_4450 img_4455 img_4472

img_4473 screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-44-08-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-41-11-pm screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-42-37-pmBirthday #49. I really can’t believe it! But next year is gonna be a hard one to swallow. I don’t feel like I could be of that age. Time sure flies…

BUT…I guess I’ve got a whole year to figure out what FIFTY is gonna look like for me. And there has to be a change!




If every day could be CHRISTMAS!


What a WONDERFUL day it would be…

This is a GOODE Fam Christmas!

img_4252 img_4253 img_4260img_4254 img_4256 img_4264 img_4310img_4243 img_4265 img_4266 screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-11-03-35-amimg_4313 screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-4-06-03-pm screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-4-14-37-pm img_4351img_4344img_4334img_4353And later…some time at Nana & Papa’s home…

img_4390 img_4391

screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-11-19-19-pmimg_4372 img_4373 img_4374 img_4375 img_4377 img_4382 img_4383 screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-11-18-32-pm


We had a wonderful day! I hope you did too! From Our Home in Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada, Merry Christmas!