Foraging in the Forest

Saturday was a beauty. Our youngest son James has been enjoying his Saturday’s off now that he is back to University and working full time. BUT today…he was up at 5am ( I saw him when I took Abby out to pee) He was getting ready to head off to the woods to look for mushrooms and Chaga. Remember the post I did in May?

He and a friend wanted to get an early morning start to see what they could find. And find they did!!

14670599_10154383003316858_4138219860723789073_n 14713785_10154383003321858_3141313192485643396_n 14721673_10154383003241858_7160198536572231130_n 14729285_10154383003276858_124031228666223854_n

img_9047 img_9048

40lbs of  Chaga, hedgehog mushrooms, hollow stem boletes and even… yellow foot chanterelles!!

And I had fun cooking some up for dinner…

img_9110 img_9111 img_9112 img_9113 img_9116

Yum!!! Thanks so much James. You can go foraging anytime.

And since it was just such a beauty of a day, David & I went to Indian Falls.

img_9053 img_9055 img_9060 img_9068 img_9069 img_9072 img_9128 img_9078 img_9080 img_9081 img_9084 img_9092 screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-9-03-22-pm screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-9-10-16-pm

PS. And This is where our oldest son and his wife are today…

14731261_10154604007896241_7687786086474903580_n 14642516_10154604009621241_587298397443996960_n 14725502_10154604009911241_6166437253629650649_n 14680602_10154602715521241_8390830929110894341_n

So…This family spent a day enjoying the forest in different parts of our beautiful province. It’s so wonderful to take the opportunity to enjoy it…before long it will be cold and snowy!

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