Life’s a BEACH!

Sandy Ocean Beaches, Lake Beaches, Rock Shore Beaches… Nova Scotia has some AMAZING Beaches! Nova Scotia Beaches aren’t known as “warm” beaches. Not like beaches in the Caribbean or South America that we’ve swam in BUT Nova Scotia has some of the most beautiful clean water beaches around and if you can brave the  cold ( or get a really nice warm  current in the middle of August) …you’ll see.

One thing on our list of “to see/do” this summer is checking out some of the”local” beaches. The ones closest  to home. Back to our favourites, some we haven’t been to for awhile and also some new ones that we’ve never been to.

So to start… I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to Carter’s Beach! It was always a favourite of ours. A little distance to drive but ah… so lovely!

IMG_5179 IMG_5230 DSC07961 IMG_5301 IMG_5304 IMG_5307

Fort Point Beach about 20 minutes from Bridgewater.

IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4304 IMG_4357

Risser’s Beach~ About 30 minutes from home. I love the boardwalk there.


IMG_4583 IMG_4606Crescent Beach~ is close too, just before Risser’s and the beach that we go to the most. It’s great for walking, and it’s the ONLY beach around that cars can actually drive on the beach.

IMG_7063 IMG_7068 IMG_7069 IMG_7071 IMG_7078 IMG_7082 IMG_7085 IMG_7107

Feltzen South Beach~ a rocky beach especially when the tide is high. Supposed to be a great beach to find glass but we went at high tide, so we’ll have to go back. It was a beautiful view.

IMG_4753 IMG_4755 IMG_4757 IMG_4765

Rose Bay Beach…aka. Sand Dollar Beach

“The Beach” to find sand dollars in the area. Well, that is if you get there first BUT on a HOT, SUNNY beautiful Nova Scotia Saturday that’s kinda hard because many people, locals and tourists flock the beaches.

The tide was low and so the shore line long and ripply. We went for a drive and a walk along the beach with our “Goode Family”  on reunion day. It’s not a beach to lay on the beach and tan but the water was warm like bath water to do a little wading and we did manage to find 3 sand dollars among our group.


IMG_6870 IMG_6874


IMG_6834 IMG_6868 IMG_6872Clam Harbour Beach~ 2hours away in Clam Harbour on the Eastern Shore

Home to the Annual Clam Harbour Sand Castle Competition. We went on “the” busiest day of the year. But I really wanted to see what made this beach famous. Unfortunately, it was so foggy and very crowded that we weren’t able to get a good view BUT the beach had wonderful sand, was very clean, and the sand castles were AMAZING, some of the best we’ve seen. Our son and his fiance were there on a different day (far less busy) and this beach is one I definitely would like to visit again.  And this beach…if you’re lucky…you’ll see starfishes!

IMG_7467IMG_7464IMG_7465IMG_7367IMG_7395And just so you can see what a beautiful beach it is…here are a couple of Andrew & Kristina’s pics

11214347_10153561219376241_9160208823094992859_n 11828623_10153561219481241_5279681111808699693_n11855670_10153561219446241_8051727127032561670_nQueensland Beach~ Hubbards

Queensland Beach was one of the original 15 beaches first supervised by the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service in 1973. Queensland Beach Provincial Park is situated in the South Shore region, along a beautiful coastal drive.  Although not large, it is one of the most popular on the South Shore. The warm air and sand draw large crowds on hot days in July and August.

DSC09777 DSC09778 DSC09779 DSC09781 DSC09785 DSC09788 DSC09790

Well, it’s the week after Labour Day and even though we still have a week vacation in September we probably won’t get chance to do anymore beach exploring.  If we do it will be back to a familiar one, one that is close. So…with all the amazing beaches here, I guess I’ll just have to do another post next summer.

LOVE our Nova Scotia beaches!

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