And Another

Another beauty!! We really have to take advantage and do something on these beautiful evenings. One last night, another tonight. These are what we long for during the cold East Coast Winters. Summers can be busy too, but it’s nice to enjoy the evenings.

This evening, the other side of the river…and one of our favourites… Lunenburg!


IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4371 IMG_4373 IMG_4384 IMG_4386 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398Another weekend is over and back to work.

You JUST might be from NOVA SCOTIA

if you can correctly pronounce these names!

11350518_10155696695645088_4335469217388730895_nThere are some really interesting fun places in Nova Scotia. It’s kinda funny to listen to people say these names, attempt to say these names if they’re not from here.

And then if that’s not bad enough there are communities with really unusual or interesting names…

Chance Harbour, Chimney Cove, Coffee Corner ( I like this one) Economy, Ecum Secum, Meat Cove, Old Sweat, Repulse Bay, ZigZag Island…

Gotta love it!

A photographer’s dream

Picturesque Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. A photographer’s dream. This colourful town is always a highlight to visit and capture a photo or two and the great thing…it’s only 20 minutes from my home! People come from all over the world to Lunenburg.

The Old Fish Factory & Museum in Lunenburg by James Goode, Travel Photographer
The Old Fish Factory & Museum in Lunenburg by James Goode, Travel Photographer

One reason is that it is the home port of the famous Bluenose II.

Bluenose II by James Goode Travel Photographer
Bluenose II by James Goode Travel Photographer

11137153_645394065560614_6101116388026420711_n 11251774_645394068893947_4600856911325929834_n 11050162_645394122227275_1487282423883485986_n

Bluenose II is Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador. A replica of  the original Bluenose schooner, launched in 1921 and raced undefeated in international competition for 17 years.  In 1963, the Bluenose II was built from identical plans as the Bluenose. She was built in the same shipyard of Smith and Rhuland by some of the same men who had constructed the Bluenose before her. In 1971, Bluenose II was sold to the government of Nova Scotia for $1 by the Oland family of Halifax and has served as Nova Scotia’s tall ship sailing ambassador ever since.

On September 29, 2012, celebrations took place in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in honour of the relaunch of Bluenose II.  The schooner has been completely rebuilt  to ensure the vessel remains a constant presence on our waters for decades to come.

This year, the Bluenose II is ready to go! Sea trials and training the 18 crew members have been underway and for the next few weeks on nice days you’ll see the Bluenose II leaving her homeport on these training exercises. If all goes well by mid July, she should be ready to once again to be the ambassador she was built to be!

It’s A Wrap!

And another weekend comes to an end. Why do they go so quickly?

Last night after all the rain, the sunset was AMAZING! The promise of a beautiful day for today…AND it was.

Lunenburg Sunset by James Goode Travel Photographer
Lunenburg Sunset by James Goode Travel Photographer

This afternoon we decided to go for a drive to Eastern Passage…it’s like the “other side” and down a bit from the Halifax Waterfront that I love so much. I’ve heard Eastern Passage and Fishermen’s Cove were interesting spots, but there is also a Provincial Beach there, MacCormack’s Beach ( I have never heard of) A really interesting spot!

Something we thought was so cool today…There was 2 vans with Chinese students digging clams at the beach.


IMG_4130 IMG_4135 IMG_4141 IMG_4146 IMG_4163

We talked to one girl and asked where she was from, she said China. Haha We knew that because we recognized the language. She said North East China. So we asked what city ( we lived in North East China) She said Harbin close to Russia. SO COOL!!!!!! We told her we lived in Shenyang for a couple years…ANYWAY…

Fisherman’s Cove was an interesting spot with colorful shops, a government wharf, with boats and lobster traps. There was the beach and a nice boardwalk. Lots of interesting things to look at for a couple hours.

DSC07857 DSC07858 IMG_4194 IMG_4196 DSC07860 DSC07861 DSC07863

We ended our visit to Eastern Passage with Fish & Chips at the Wharf Wrap Restaurant. It was so good, huge pieces of haddock in a cracker crumb/batter with “secret family seasonings” So good!


And that’s a wrap!

Just a nice light watering ☔

I don’t usually like rainy Saturdays in the summer. It’s our day for FUN or WORK and both work best if it’s sunny and beautiful BUT today was cool and rainy and I’m thankful. BECAUSE….

Our front garden is finished! All but the watering. Now we just need to keep it watered well so the sod can take hold and it can root. Sod is so much better than seed. It’s GREEN immediately and it looks so beautiful!!

So in this case a rainy Saturday is ok, besides it gives us chance to do a few errands and get caught up on inside things. Here is the finished project:


What did you do on your Saturday? Was it raining or sunny where you are? 😀

I remember when…

Bleeding heart, Lilacs and Snowball Bushes. When I was a kid these were the common bushes in Grandmother’s gardens. I remember…the smell of lilac bushes, the pretty round white balls, and the delicate little hearts hanging on a vine, especially after the rain.

These plants aren’t as common today. There are so many new and interesting things for gardens, it’s hard to decide what to get. I do have a white and pink bleeding heart and my neighbour has the other two. So I do get to see the beauty of all three.

Ahh…the smell of lilacs….takes me right back to my childhood!

IMG_3760 IMG_3761 IMG_4025 IMG_4026

DSC09285 DSC09288It’s the weekend, have a great one!

It’s National Tourism Week!

May 31st- June 6th , 2015 is considered National Tourism Week in Canada! It’s time to get out there and explore someplace you haven’t been before…ok well even some place you’ve been!

Just do it! Be tourists, do the things you would do if you went to a different province, or a different country. ENJOY and appreciate the area that you call HOME and that many people from all over the world come to visit. We have some AMAZING places!!! I have signed up to a few groups on Facebook and other places that showcase pictures of our beautiful province. It seems like EVERY day I see a new place to add to my list of places I want to explore this summer. When I tell David, he just says add it to the list!! He’s so great that way.

We may not have chance this particular week to explore but every chance we get we go…and summer vacay is coming. This year we are here and gonna cross some of those things off the list!

Here are just a few pics of the amazing local scenery courtesy of my youngest son James. Check him out on Facebook. James Goode, Travel Photographer

11053094_646045345495486_2951326974076792956_n 11224728_646014785498542_2803344695582833356_n 11165055_648795771887110_4176768425803451343_n 10171815_580450462054975_7077493438030762911_n 1888523_491481290951893_6342853758881892273_n 1424411_442963842470305_701003082_n 1474378_442222029211153_480096843_nAhh…I can’t wait to explore…


Waiting for Sod

PROJECT take back our lawn has been going on for a few weeks! LOTS and LOTS of work. I enjoy it. I have been helping David and when there is something I can’t do easily I just work on a different area…like the back garden. Yes, we have two projects happening at once. Front yard and Back yard. Gotta get it done so we can enjoy it this summer.

I will post a few pictures when it is all finished. In the meantime we are at a bit of a standstill waiting for sod. It has been a rainy couple days, heavy rain the start of this week, and we are at the point that we are ready for the “green” to finish up the front. We are getting sod from the Annapolis Valley and they deliver to Bridgewater twice a week ( Tuesday & Thursday) BUT the sod has to be good to cut the night before. And heavy rain means heavy, soggy sod!!

So we are waiting…

IMG_4028 IMG_4032Hopefully the sun will peek out today and they can cut it tonight and deliver in the morning. It’s a major improvement without all the weeds…looks good even with all dirt 😛