Proud to be an East coaster!

Once an East coaster…. ALWAYS an East coaster!

Many of you have heard of the brand East Coast Lifestyle.  It is a nautical lifestyle brand focused on promoting the lifestyle we live here on the East Coast and was created by Acadia University student Alex MacLean. An idea…from his home…and just 30 hoodies.

Tonight on the Live at 5 news there was a segment about Alex and his brand going to Washington, DC. East Coaster Alex Maclean was chosen to represent Canada at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.  This is an international award for students who own and run businesses while attending college or university, and gives visibility to student business owners who are innovative, profitable, and socially responsible. In his own words, Alex wants to put Nova Scotia on the map!

Alex sold those initial 30 hoodies and actually sold 250,000 hoodies in the first year of business. How cool is that?

I love the brand and this East Coast girl wears hers proudly!

Just An East Coast Canadian Girl!


Okay so I can’t stay away from blogging! After a little more thought I decided to continue but with a different approach. A new blog… and a new name…It will be more about things to see and do in Nova Scotia and along Canada’s beautiful East Coast. The food, festivals, events, little hideaways and gems we come across in our travels… after all, I tell everyone how wonderful Canada is and especially Nova Scotia.

I may not post as regularly, certainly not everyday, and posts may just be a picture or two, but it will give me a space to share with readers and those who stumble across my blog, a little taste of the East Coast!

So here’s to a fresh start!