It’s Just MUD

ooey, gooey, deep rich reddish-brown MUD!!

Home to the highest tides in the world, the Bay of Fundy is a 270 km long ocean bay that stretches between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast.We took a drive along the coastline of our beautiful province and a bit of the coast in New Brunswick that  borders the Bay of Fundy. There are so many interesting little spots ( which I will blog in separate posts) It is really quite amazing to view at high tide and low tide. BUT underneath all that…as David says…

it’s just MUD!

IMG_5681 IMG_5685 DSC08000 IMG_5774 IMG_5777

IMG_5788 IMG_5789


The Ovens

The Sea Caves  called “the ovens” are amazing especially at high tide when the water is washing in and out and creating cannon like noises. However tonight, it was low tide, and even though the views were spectacular it didn’t quite have the effect if it were high tide.

It’s a beautiful spot to go for a walk and enjoy the ocean anytime.

IMG_5331 IMG_533311709663_10155781495625296_6746521299816890065_nIMG_5338 IMG_5352 IMG_5359 IMG_5362 IMG_5363 IMG_5364 IMG_5367 IMG_5383IMG_5343

Beach Day

Beautiful pristine water, white sandy beach. One of my favourite beaches along the South Shore and today was a gorgeous day. It’s the kind of day you want at the beach and was perfect to show our nephew and his wife. She has never been to Nova Scotia let alone step foot in to the Atlantic Ocean. We were so happy to be able to show them one of many reasons Nova Scotian’s are proud of their beaches.


IMG_5230 IMG_5231 IMG_5283 IMG_5285 IMG_5289 IMG_5298 IMG_5304 IMG_5307 IMG_5309 IMG_5317


Lovin’ our beach day!IMG_5192

Our Home and Native Land! 🇨🇦

After being in foreign countries the last 4 years. We are HOME in Canada this year to celebrate Canada Day, how wonderful is that! So happy! It didn’t even matter that it rained and was overcast and fireworks got canceled.



We were in our Hometown Bridgewater for the Canada Day ceremony and festivities and that’s all that mattered.

IMG_4202IMG_0395 IMG_4853 IMG_4855

IMG_4678 IMG_4834 IMG_4844Happy Canada Day!



EVERYTHING Strawberries 🍓

It’s strawberry season! Fresh, local, sweet, red, delicious strawberries. I picked some up at the market, So I am making lots of delicious treats…

Strawberry pie and shortcake and salsa and just plain strawberries. Oh…how I’ve missed this goodness!

IMG_4539 IMG_4545 IMG_4546 IMG_4547IMG_4552IMG_4677IMG_4680And today, this morning… we went Strawberry picking, the first U-pick of the season. It’s been a few years…So much fun!

IMG_4687IMG_4718IMG_4690IMG_4691IMG_4692IMG_4688IMG_4689IMG_4705IMG_4715IMG_4716And because it’s vacation, I came home and made biscuits so David could have fresh Strawberry Shortcake

IMG_4725Lovin’ EVERYTHING strawberries.


Tourist in your own Town

Tourist in your own town or a stay vacation…call it what you want but this year’s summer vacation we aren’t traveling too far. Everyone asks “Where are you going?” Maybe they expect to hear a really cool place. I guess we could have booked something away…I love our vacations to far away lands and exotic places, interesting cities and really fun places, who wouldn’t? I’ve been spoiled.

I was talking to Chinese friends and told them we were taking a two week summer vacation and they said “two weeks is long enough to come to China!” Oh, I wish…I will ALWAYS want to go back.

Nope sorry. This year our “summer vacation money” is being spent on our outdoor projects and no excess being spent on travel and hotels during peak season because 2016 is gonna be a big year for travel for us! Destination wedding in April, and 30th Wedding Anniversary trip in July ( which I am still working on the itinerary). I’m also wondering how I can squeeze in a cruise or resort vacay in early 2016 too, maybe February. Winter is just too long and too cold.

So…we’re here BUT I’m excited. I have learned to appreciate small things in those big things. Like a good meal, a beautiful sunset, fresh air walking along a clean beach, a quaint little coffee shop, a unique fishing village, an old world town…lots of things so Tourist in your own town? What does Bridgewater offer the visitor? Ok, so maybe not just Bridgewater. But our province. Nova Scotia. It’s beautiful and I really want to enjoy it and appreciate it and do some things, maybe like a tourist. I don’t know but I have a list of wonderful ideas and my handy Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers guide.

Let’s hit the road Baby!




On the right path

Well as you know we are doing yard work as our main projects for the summer. The front garden was a lot of work but really didn’t take a long time to do, not compared to the back. The front grass looks so wonderful, and I am really happy we went with the sod route. It’s a much faster and more gratifying solution.

BUT, this backyard, like I said will be a whole summer’s project. I had certain goals in mind to have accomplished before our two week vacation, which starts after tomorrow, but its not gonna happen. It’s just taking longer. We’re on the right path…but that’s where we are…PATH!

One of the projects is to create a pathway from our side stairs to the garden shed and it’s started, but it’s taking longer than expected. We decided to put the stones in the lawn so we can easily mow, rather than create a rock or gravel path. I didn’t realize there could be so many rocks and tree roots in one lawn. This is also a project I can’t really help with besides being there to be an encouragement and a “goffer” for things if David needs them.  So it’s still a work in progress and then we are soon on vacation and other than a little bit if we feel like it, I didn’t want garden and yard work to be on the agenda for vacation.

Oh well, it will get done…hopefully before the snow falls…haha

Just a few pics of the backyard progress…

IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4227

IMG_4522I just love how it’s looking.


Living in the moment


Why do I have such a hard time living in the moment enjoying today and what it brings? I am being real honest here, it is one of my biggest struggles. Living away I was always looking forward to the next trip, the next place to explore, the next fun event, the next time to do something with foreign friends…ehh!!! It’s the same here, I find it hard to just enjoy today. And then, if we were doing that I was the opposite because I didn’t want it to end…I wanted TIME to stand still to savour EVERY moment and every experience that opportunity brought.

This week so far, Yesterday and today has been cool and overcast…and I admit, I’m a little mopey! I could busy myself with “inside” projects. I have a few BUT I don’t want to. I want to be outside. I want to do something, GO somewhere, I want an ADVENTURE!!!

I am looking forward to the end of the week. David starts vacation for 2 weeks and every morning I wake up counting the days!!! I want some fun, quality time with my husband doing some fun things.

I really need to try harder…I am thankful, oh YES I’m thankful for the moments, that’s not it…

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Hope you’re enjoying TODAY!



It’s been interesting…

the weather I mean. Spring has had nice days and cool days and windy and rainy days. An interesting Spring BUT NOW…

Summer is here!!! And it has been 4 years since I’ve been in Nova Scotia for summer. 4 years since I’ve had a hot East Coast, wanting to go to the beach and swim in the Atlantic Ocean summer. So…Bring it on!!! PLEASE get hot!!! In exactly 5 days we are on vacation and we are staying here so that we can hopefully enjoy beach time and exploring some of the quaint spots in our own province.

Alas…today though is cool and rainy and I’m feeling chilly and all I want to do is curl up and nap.

I think someone else feels that way too…

IMG_4461So this week…please switch over to SUMMER Season…it’s too short normally and it’s TIME to play!!!!