Anxiously waiting…

Oh the anticipation…

It’s been 5 years. FIVE years since I’ve seen this beauty in bloom and it looks like it’s gonna pop any day.


It’s a rainy day here along the South Shore and surprisingly, I’m not minding it. We have been landscaping and gardening, I bought a few flowers yesterday and potted them and this morning in the rain, everything looks so beautiful, so vibrant and rich in color. Even our poor excuse for a lawn right now looks lush and green.

Back to my crab tree. I love trees that bud and blossom. I have two types of crab trees on my front lawn that I’ve always enjoyed especially during the blooming period in late May. BUT, the last time I saw them bloom was the Spring of 2010 before we went on Expat Assignment. So…I am anxiously waiting for them to pop!


DSC09260 DSC09262 DSC09263 DSC09264