Backyard Visitors

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday….It’s only Wednesday BUT what a rainy week! Our 2 week Nova Scotia summer is over and it feels like cool rainy fall weather. I am so very thankful for the 2 week vacation we had the first part of July…the weather was gorgeous!

We’ve been put on hold with our backyard garden project. It’s kinda hard to work when it’s rainy and soggy. We actually have less to do than we thought because we shifted our plan, a little more restructuring to make the best use of the small space, and some of it won’t be able to be started and completed until next summer. So that means less to do this summer!  But it would be nice to finish up what we have started.

In the meantime I am so pleased with how it’s coming along. I’ll soon post a few pictures. One of the goals I had was to make my garden bird friendly. I wanted to see and hear birds in the morning, I love watching them. So I put out a couple feeders and bird baths and the birds are coming! They found them and have been frequent visitors. I love them and of course Abby does too. She sometimes tries to case the birds and two chipmunks that have been visiting. It’s hard to get the pictures because they are still a little camera shy!

DSC09454 DSC09458 DSC09459 DSC09460 DSC09462 DSC09463

This rainy weather is “for the birds” (and our new front lawn) Waiting patiently for the sun to return… Have a GREAT east coast day!


On the right path

Well as you know we are doing yard work as our main projects for the summer. The front garden was a lot of work but really didn’t take a long time to do, not compared to the back. The front grass looks so wonderful, and I am really happy we went with the sod route. It’s a much faster and more gratifying solution.

BUT, this backyard, like I said will be a whole summer’s project. I had certain goals in mind to have accomplished before our two week vacation, which starts after tomorrow, but its not gonna happen. It’s just taking longer. We’re on the right path…but that’s where we are…PATH!

One of the projects is to create a pathway from our side stairs to the garden shed and it’s started, but it’s taking longer than expected. We decided to put the stones in the lawn so we can easily mow, rather than create a rock or gravel path. I didn’t realize there could be so many rocks and tree roots in one lawn. This is also a project I can’t really help with besides being there to be an encouragement and a “goffer” for things if David needs them.  So it’s still a work in progress and then we are soon on vacation and other than a little bit if we feel like it, I didn’t want garden and yard work to be on the agenda for vacation.

Oh well, it will get done…hopefully before the snow falls…haha

Just a few pics of the backyard progress…

IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4227

IMG_4522I just love how it’s looking.



We’ve had a gorgeous few days. Rain last week to water our newly sod lawn and then sunshine and lots of sunshine and it’s been growing!!! When you first lay sod it has all kinds of lines and rectangles. It doesn’t blend in like normal grass does and it takes a little while. But because it has been growing so nicely the lines are disappearing quickly and it’s looking great, we are so pleased!! And after a few weeks…TONIGHT, was the very first mow. Now there’s new lines…this time from mowing.



This weekend lots of sunshine. So we’ve been relaxing in between work and enjoying the sun. Getting some tan lines! lol

IMG_4409 07e588303b9f3010762621d202db63a4


Just a nice light watering ☔

I don’t usually like rainy Saturdays in the summer. It’s our day for FUN or WORK and both work best if it’s sunny and beautiful BUT today was cool and rainy and I’m thankful. BECAUSE….

Our front garden is finished! All but the watering. Now we just need to keep it watered well so the sod can take hold and it can root. Sod is so much better than seed. It’s GREEN immediately and it looks so beautiful!!

So in this case a rainy Saturday is ok, besides it gives us chance to do a few errands and get caught up on inside things. Here is the finished project:


What did you do on your Saturday? Was it raining or sunny where you are? 😀

I remember when…

Bleeding heart, Lilacs and Snowball Bushes. When I was a kid these were the common bushes in Grandmother’s gardens. I remember…the smell of lilac bushes, the pretty round white balls, and the delicate little hearts hanging on a vine, especially after the rain.

These plants aren’t as common today. There are so many new and interesting things for gardens, it’s hard to decide what to get. I do have a white and pink bleeding heart and my neighbour has the other two. So I do get to see the beauty of all three.

Ahh…the smell of lilacs….takes me right back to my childhood!

IMG_3760 IMG_3761 IMG_4025 IMG_4026

DSC09285 DSC09288It’s the weekend, have a great one!

Waiting for Sod

PROJECT take back our lawn has been going on for a few weeks! LOTS and LOTS of work. I enjoy it. I have been helping David and when there is something I can’t do easily I just work on a different area…like the back garden. Yes, we have two projects happening at once. Front yard and Back yard. Gotta get it done so we can enjoy it this summer.

I will post a few pictures when it is all finished. In the meantime we are at a bit of a standstill waiting for sod. It has been a rainy couple days, heavy rain the start of this week, and we are at the point that we are ready for the “green” to finish up the front. We are getting sod from the Annapolis Valley and they deliver to Bridgewater twice a week ( Tuesday & Thursday) BUT the sod has to be good to cut the night before. And heavy rain means heavy, soggy sod!!

So we are waiting…

IMG_4028 IMG_4032Hopefully the sun will peek out today and they can cut it tonight and deliver in the morning. It’s a major improvement without all the weeds…looks good even with all dirt 😛


We have so many amazing views of the ocean along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. You can take a different route every day or follow some of your favourite drives. I never get tired of it!


A beautiful Sunday afternoon, and after lunch with friends we went for a drive along the coast. This time to Oceanview Gardens and Nursery in Chester. This is a unique nursery with just about anything imaginable. Not only do they carry your typical garden supplies and plants and flowers, but they have giftware, statues and furniture and unique things that I’m sure couldn’t be found anywhere else.

It’s not a spot I would probably purchase things…I just love to look!!!

Here are a few things that caught my eye today…




IMG_3551 IMG_3554 IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3559 IMG_3565 IMG_3569 IMG_3570 IMG_3572Lots of color!

We finished our drive with dinner at the Fish Shack in Lunenburg with an amazing view. Picton Castle and Bluenose and the best fish and chips around!!