Our “Go To” Place

Only twenty minutes away and it’s just so lovely, I guess it’s become our “go to place” for dinner, a walk ( stroll) and dessert. Yes, Lunenburg.

Tonight we were in Lunenburg with our oldest son and fiancée for dinner. This time the Old Fish Factory was our choice.  ( Our youngest son works there part-time, and was working tonight)There are three restaurants in Lunenburg we like. The Grand Banker, The South Shore Fish Shack and The Old Fish Factory & Ice House Bar. It is just a wonderful town.

DSC07883IMG_4436DSC07884DSC07886DSC07889DSC07890DSC07891DSC07892DSC07893DSC07896A gorgeous evening!

And Another

Another beauty!! We really have to take advantage and do something on these beautiful evenings. One last night, another tonight. These are what we long for during the cold East Coast Winters. Summers can be busy too, but it’s nice to enjoy the evenings.

This evening, the other side of the river…and one of our favourites… Lunenburg!


IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4371 IMG_4373 IMG_4384 IMG_4386 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398Another weekend is over and back to work.

It’s A Wrap!

And another weekend comes to an end. Why do they go so quickly?

Last night after all the rain, the sunset was AMAZING! The promise of a beautiful day for today…AND it was.

Lunenburg Sunset by James Goode Travel Photographer
Lunenburg Sunset by James Goode Travel Photographer

This afternoon we decided to go for a drive to Eastern Passage…it’s like the “other side” and down a bit from the Halifax Waterfront that I love so much. I’ve heard Eastern Passage and Fishermen’s Cove were interesting spots, but there is also a Provincial Beach there, MacCormack’s Beach ( I have never heard of) A really interesting spot!

Something we thought was so cool today…There was 2 vans with Chinese students digging clams at the beach.


IMG_4130 IMG_4135 IMG_4141 IMG_4146 IMG_4163

We talked to one girl and asked where she was from, she said China. Haha We knew that because we recognized the language. She said North East China. So we asked what city ( we lived in North East China) She said Harbin close to Russia. SO COOL!!!!!! We told her we lived in Shenyang for a couple years…ANYWAY…

Fisherman’s Cove was an interesting spot with colorful shops, a government wharf, with boats and lobster traps. There was the beach and a nice boardwalk. Lots of interesting things to look at for a couple hours.

DSC07857 DSC07858 IMG_4194 IMG_4196 DSC07860 DSC07861 DSC07863

We ended our visit to Eastern Passage with Fish & Chips at the Wharf Wrap Restaurant. It was so good, huge pieces of haddock in a cracker crumb/batter with “secret family seasonings” So good!


And that’s a wrap!

It’s National Tourism Week!

May 31st- June 6th , 2015 is considered National Tourism Week in Canada! It’s time to get out there and explore someplace you haven’t been before…ok well even some place you’ve been!

Just do it! Be tourists, do the things you would do if you went to a different province, or a different country. ENJOY and appreciate the area that you call HOME and that many people from all over the world come to visit. We have some AMAZING places!!! I have signed up to a few groups on Facebook and other places that showcase pictures of our beautiful province. It seems like EVERY day I see a new place to add to my list of places I want to explore this summer. When I tell David, he just says add it to the list!! He’s so great that way.

We may not have chance this particular week to explore but every chance we get we go…and summer vacay is coming. This year we are here and gonna cross some of those things off the list!

Here are just a few pics of the amazing local scenery courtesy of my youngest son James. Check him out on Facebook. James Goode, Travel Photographer

11053094_646045345495486_2951326974076792956_n 11224728_646014785498542_2803344695582833356_n 11165055_648795771887110_4176768425803451343_n 10171815_580450462054975_7077493438030762911_n 1888523_491481290951893_6342853758881892273_n 1424411_442963842470305_701003082_n 1474378_442222029211153_480096843_nAhh…I can’t wait to explore…


A taste of Maritime goodness

I just had to…

It’s been a few years since I have made this tasty treat. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it was not something that was available in China or Brazil where we were living the last few years. And anytime we were home, it was out of season. The last time we had Rhubarb was in 2010.

This is one Maritime treat that I have been anxiously waiting for. What is it?

Rhubarb and a delicious Rhubarb Custard pie…and muffins too!

IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4022 IMG_4038 IMG_4039Serve warm and topped with a little vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. YUM!

It’s the First Day of June and the start of a brand new week too…Have a great one!


An Apple a Day…

The Apple Blossoms are in bloom this week as the 83rd Annual Annapolis Valley Apple Blossoms Festival kicks off the tourist season for another year in this area of Nova Scotia.

It’s been years since we’ve been to this. Actually I can’t recall if David and I ever went. It was something I looked forward to each year with my parents when I was a kid. We’d pack a picnic lunch ( egg sandwiches come to mind ) and find a perfect spot on the grass to watch the parade.

The Apple Blossom Festival is a springtime celebration of the Valley’s traditions and agricultural heritage from Digby to Windsor and all the little communities in between. Some of the highlights are the Grand Street Parade, and Children’s Parade, the pageant and crowning of Queen Annapolisa, musical performances, and fireworks.

The Annapolis Valley’s apple orchards are starting to bloom and we didn’t want to miss it. We wanted to go… BUT alas…it just didn’t work out!!! Oh well, guess I will plan on it for next year…

( not my photo but one that captures the beauty of a Valley Apple Orchard perfectly)

And even though we didn’t go, and even though it will be Fall until the apples are harvested…I just couldn’t resist making a homemade apple crisp to enjoy this weekend.

IMG_3756 IMG_3758

Just a taste

There is no shortage of delicious, fresh ( not frozen) seafood in Nova Scotia. Just because it is available here doesn’t mean it’s cheap! My favourite seafood is lobster, scallops, shrimp…and then of course fresh haddock.

So, something I decided when we moved home was that I am going to indulge…ok, maybe enjoy is the better word. I am going to enjoy this tasty goodness that our province is known for whenever I get the opportunity. What that means is it will be my first choice if the price is right and the opportunity to have it is there. It doesn’t have to be in abundance but I will savor and fully enjoy it. BECAUSE that is part of Nova Scotia culture!

All that being said, When James had chance to buy 5 pounds of FRESH scallops, I said YES, please! A little expensive…BUT I made myself ration them out to 6 small bags to make them last and so when we want to, we can have just a taste. I put 5 bags in the freezer…

IMG_3632 IMG_3633And tonight made us just a taste of delicious scallops, FRESH off the boat in Lunenburg. Panfried in a little butter, toss in a few shrimp and cream sauce…SERVED over rice with a kale salad… YUM!!

IMG_3665 IMG_3666 IMG_3669 LOVE Nova Scotia seafood!!


In Search of Nova Scotia’s BEST Fish & Chips!

TODAY is Friday and the start of the first long weekend of the season. It’s gonna be a nice one too…bring it on!

This weekend also kicks off the second edition of my quest to find the BEST fish & chips places in Nova Scotia. Last summer we did this and there were just so many places we didn’t get chance to try that I decided we need to do a little more investigating.

Fish & Chips is a staple food along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We LOVE our fresh haddock and we can be pretty picky about it. There are so many great spots along the coast where it is a feature on the menu. So once again this summer starting this weekend ( from the May long weekend until Thanksgiving weekend) we are on our search for “THE BEST” in Nova Scotia. Some places we went to last year may have to be re-visited just in case there was a change, but we are hoping to try some new spots too.

…BUT you’ll have to wait until October for the RESULTS!!


Have a great Victoria Day weekend!