Fish & Chips with Family

Yesterday was my beautiful parents Anniversary. They celebrated 55 years marriage December 16th.Wow! That’s a milestone. I thought my 30 years was a milestone. I called Dad yesterday to see what they were doing. Not much he said, just staying cozy inside having hot dogs for lunch!! Haha, that made me chuckle. My parents have always enjoyed the simple things…TOGETHER!

Here is a pic on their special day 55 years ago…


And today with my Abby girl 🙂


Family is the BEST!

Speaking of family. Today Dad’s family, his sisters and brother ( who recently celebrated his 80th) got together at a local restaurant for lunch and we were invited. Of course we went. I always love an excuse to see them! Some of his brothers and sisters ( he’s from a very large family) and of course my grandparents have passed, so I treasure these special moments and opportunities. You just don’t know how many more you’ll get to all be together.

We had a lot of fun and laughs and catching up. I even had fun taking selfies with my Auntie who doesn’t have a clue about social media. I love her. I love them. Christmas time provides wonderful opportunities for family fun.

img_3887 screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-23-35-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-41-00-pm

img_3858 screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-25-55-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-29-37-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-58-50-pm

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-41-00-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-50-36-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-55-02-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-56-04-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-8-02-20-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-8-06-26-pm img_3898

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-7-32-42-pm screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-8-04-55-pmI hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. Today it’s a snowy one again on the east coast. Lots and lots of snow, and for some reason the plows aren’t going and thankfully we are cozy inside! Snowy BUT oh so pretty!

img_3891 img_3892 img_3895 img_3896




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    1. Aww, thanks MacKenzie! Yes, family time. My Daddy’s family are just cute and funny. Most of them live in the country and they are just cute!! They make me smile. Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family. Can’t wait to read all about it!

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