ACROSS CANADA DAY: 12 July 21~ Sea to Sky in Squamish

Squamish is a community in BC, located at the north end of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway.  It had its beginning during the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in the 1910’s.  It was the first southern terminus of that railway now CN.

It is THE “Outdoor Adventure” place in the area. We left Van city this morning and headed to Squamish. The road to Squamish is amazing as it winds through the mountains.


The Stawamus Chief on Canada’s West Coast is a world-renowned rock-climbing destination known for its beautiful multi-pitch routes and unrivalled crack-climbing pitches. But many visiting outdoor enthusiasts are unaware that the iconic granite monolith also carries the scars of a legendary battle. The region’s Squamish people tell of the mythical hero Xwech’taal vanquishing the double-headed sea serpent Sinulhkay before uniting the Squamish Nation.

The Stawamus Chief — pronounced stah-WAH’-muss, but known simply as “The Chief” attracts thousands of visitors every year, both for its premiere rock-climbing offerings but also for accessible hiking trails that climax in rewarding ridge-top vistas.

The mountain towers 700 metres over the head of a picturesque, inundated fjord, about 50 kilometres northwest of Vancouver. Looking down from the first of its three rounded granite summits, the slithering Squamish River can be seen reaching the salty waters of Howe Sound, which ripple between shades of teal and aquamarine under a shifting, cloud-covered sky. The initial peak is accessible about 1.5 kilometres from and 540 metres above the trail’s starting point, while the two remaining summits are located slightly higher and farther along. It’s all straight up climbing on all trails.

The panorama offers a view across the core of the Squamish Nation’s territory.

Today’s mission should you choose to accept it….to Conquer “THE CHIEF”  To start our day, we took the Sea to Sky Gondola just to get a view of what we were looking at for a climb. We were able to look down on the Chief Peaks from a viewing platform a short hike away at the Gondola Summit. We had fun on the Suspension bridge and a snack before heading back down.

Later this afternoon when it was cooler we were ready to climb the Chief! We chose Peak 1 because it supposedly has the most amazing view of the 3.

We stopped by Shannon Falls and connected on the Sea to Sky trail then connected to the Stawamus Chief Trail. And from there it was straight up!!

It was a hardish climb…well for me with short legs, David was fine…

IMG_3654 IMG_3658 IMG_3834 IMG_3835 IMG_3838 IMG_3699 IMG_3721 IMG_3735 IMG_3739 IMG_3785 IMG_3788 IMG_3790 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3810 IMG_3813 IMG_3824 IMG_3826 IMG_3879

IMG_3952 IMG_3963 IMG_4009 IMG_3997 IMG_3995 IMG_3993 IMG_3992 IMG_3971 IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4083 IMG_4014 IMG_4035 IMG_4036IMG_4084 IMG_4041 IMG_4052 IMG_4065 IMG_4067 IMG_4071 IMG_4078 IMG_4079 IMG_4080IMG_4081And after we were all finished and had a refreshing shower, we enjoyed a lovely dinner beside the Squamish River at the Watershed Restaurant.

IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4076


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