Family Days


These days are family days! GOODE family all together this weekend. A little bit hectic and crazy the more Goodes that are added to the list, BUT fun to be together.

Canada Day many of the Goodes gathered in Bedford at Glenn & Holly’s home to celebrate Canada Day. David worked so we didn’t get to go this year. Late Friday night David’s twin arrived. His brother and wife and youngest son will stay with us this week while other family are staying with David’s parents. Their son Jonathan is also here for just the weekend ( he’s working in NFLD for the summer) so on Saturday while David caught up on a few hours sleep they spent some time in the city and we joined them later to have some time together celebrating our son James and their son Jonathan. These two graduated the same day a couple weeks ago…

IMG_8467 Maxwell’s Plum, always a favourite IMG_8476

IMG_8469 IMG_8471 IMG_8473

And even a quick drive by SMU where James will study in SeptemberIMG_8478 IMG_8480Some of the cousins with babies and little ones have also been enjoying quality time together.

Sunday was Goode Family Day in Mahone Bay at David’s parents. EVERYONE was there. Ok, not everyone ( it’s hard to get everyone together anymore) BUT lots of the “GOODE GANG”

Here is a pic of David’s parents with the GREAT Grandkids, yes, that’s right they have Great Grandkids! They’re so sweet!!!

But sadly…David & I didn’t make it again. David was up early this am and out washing all the cars in the yard ( it’s good therapy haha, he really enjoys it)

IMG_8482And while he was in the middle of that he got a call to go back in to work. A serious situation and something that took hours to get straightened around. That’s just the way things are when you’re on call 24/7. He got done in time for us to go visit for an hour and then it was home and to bed because 4am comes early!

Today I had Jeremy while David’s twin brother and his wife celebrated their 29th Anniversary in Lunenburg.


Everyone is around for the rest of the week so I am sure we will still have lots of time to catch up. At least his brother and family are with us and so we get to see them a little more.

But I have to say…I am really looking forward to our summer vacations with NO work interruptions!!!! Just a few more days…a few more days… 😛

Wishing you a great week!!! It’s a hot one here.




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