In Search of Nova Scotia’s BEST Fish & Chips…the results! SECOND EDITION

As promised back in May…Here is my  second edition RESULTS page of the quest to find the BEST fish & chips places in Nova Scotia. As you know last summer we did this and in the Spring we decided there were just so many places we didn’t get chance to try that we would do another post.

Fish & Chips is a staple food along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We LOVE our fresh haddock.  There are so many great spots along the coast where it is a feature on the menu. So just where is “the BEST”… the best tasting, the best presentation, the best value for your money?

If you want to check out last year’s list you can click on the link below:

And after lots of study and careful consideration…:) Here are the 2015 RESULTS

May 24~ The South Shore Fish Shack, Lunenburg …revisit


We were here last year, their first season open and we loved it. So back we went. Now this was only the second weekend open this year and once again we thought the fish was fabulous. Cooked to perfection and so delicious. They’ve switched up a bit from being served in boxes to served in baskets ( I like the boxes better) and they also switched from bottles of pop to fountain pop ( not a fan) I don’t drink pop but David does and he much prefers his COKE in a can or bottle, but hey they’ve got it right and serve COKE! The South Shore Fish Shack is wonderful and I know we will go back again. PLUS the view on a summery night is amazing!

May 30~ The Turkey Burger, Cookville ( just outside of Bridgewater)


I think Turkey Burger has got EVERY restaurant in the province beat for portion size. Their servings are HUGE!!!!! I remember eating at the Turkey Burger as a teenager…vanilla milkshake, cheeseburger and fries would be my order back then. Tonight I had a milk shake… and David & I ordered the 3piece fish & chips. The milkshake is large and made with real ice cream and so thick and delicious. And the three piece fish…well, we could feed our WHOLE family with that order. The fish was fresh and flaky, so tasty good. This restaurant is a MUST for anyone visiting the area.

July 5~ revisit~ We were impressed with Turkey Burger on May 30th, so when our nephew and his wife were visiting from Ontario we wanted to treat them. However, our second visit wasn’t quite as good. Portion sizes are huge…they were impressed! But the fish was a little overcooked and batter a bit greasy this time. I think I’ve tried enough fish & chips here and will try something different. BUT the milkshakes are THE BEST ( I had one again)

Our son and nephew enjoying the fish & chips :D
Our son and nephew enjoying the fish & chips 😀


June 7~ The Wharf Wrap Restaurant, Eastern Passage


IMG_4183The Wharf Wrap Restaurant in Eastern Passage is located by Fishermen’s Cove. The restaurant itself is nothing to look at but we’ve heard rave reviews how their Fish & Chips are “the best” so of course, I wanted to go. We ordered the one piece and added a piece of fish to share. Just like last week at the Turkey Burger, portions are HUGE!!! We couldn’t believe it. How can these restaurants afford to serve such large pieces of fish. The batter on this fish was a little different. Its a cracker crumb/batter with “secret special seasonings” that only the owners know. I guess it’s a family secret that even the chef’s don’t know entirely. Well, it was different BUT oh so delicious!!! It is served with fries and their special pineapple flavour coleslaw. Once again we were not disappointed. YUM!!!

July 2~ Pearles in Paradise …revisit


This is always a favourite when we go to the valley. No complaints, just ALWAYS the same VERY good fish!! That’s why we go back.

July 2~ The Dockside, Digby

IMG_5052Not a fan! Digby is known for it’s scallops and they were delicious but we have had much better fish and chips. The best thing was the view, right on the waterfront, overlooking the scallop trawler fleet.


July 5~ Lanes Privateer Inn, Liverpool

This was a pleasant surprise. A spontaneous  lunch stop with some of our family on the way through to the beach. I took took the opportunity to see what the fish & chips were like. They were REALLY good! Home cut fries with lightly battered fish. A perfect lunch, especially when enjoyed on their garden terrace!


July 7~ Acadian Fish & Chips, Hammond’s Plains Road

We have seen this restaurant on our way through to the airport, city or to David’s brother’s place and always comment we should try it! Vacation time is great for eating out. I love their decor outside, lighthouse and little fisherman. It’s a family owned and run business. They serve home cut fries and nice servings with a lemon wedge, tartar sauce and coleslaw. The service is super fast and they are very friendly. A great spot!


IMG_5931IMG_5932July 9~ The Battered Fish- Halifax Waterfront

It was ok. I love the waterfront so eating takeout with a view is so much fun BUT we’ve had better fish & chips.

IMG_5942 IMG_5954 IMG_5955

July 10~ The Blarney Stone, On the 103 in Hebb’s Cross

A small licensed family dining restaurant that has been serving customers since 1983.  With a diverse menu offering east coast specialties such as fried clams, fish and chips and other great home style meals like hot sandwiches and burgers. This place is ALWAYS packed and it’s been years since we visited.

Like I said this spot is BUSY!!! The food is great. David & I shared the 4piece fish and chips which was enough for us. The fish was normal portions but lightly done, flaky and not greasy. The chips were just regular ( not hand cut, so nothing special) David did have a side of sweet potato fries which were delicious. A great little spot for good food!

IMG_6084 IMG_6085July 18~ Tastee Freeze, Hebbville

This is not the place to get Fish & Chips, it’s a wonderful spot for soft serve ice cream. That being said we just wanted a quick take out of fish and chips to take to the waterfront in our town to enjoy and the Tastee Freeze is just 5 minutes away. We thought we’d give it a try. We’ll be back, we love this spot…but for ice cream!


August 2~ Food Truck Fish & Chips, Huey’s at Halifax Waterfront

Food Trucks set up at the Waterfront during the Busker’s Festival. We had to try Fish & Chips from one. Huey’s was the one that had fish & chips. The experience was cool. The chips were home cut fries which were excellent but the fish was way too much batter for the fish. Oh well…

IMG_6989 IMG_6990 IMG_6991

August 15~ Food Truck Fish & Chips, Irene’s at Chester Yacht Club

Chester Race Week and Chester Village is a busy spot!! A few food trucks were there to help with the event and all the people. We finally got chance to go on Saturday the last day of the races, and had lunch at the yacht club overlooking the harbour so we could watch a bit of sailing. Our food truck choice…Irene’s. Again, not the best fish & chips around but we loved the atmosphere and relaxing lunch.

IMG_7296 IMG_7297

August 30~ AND for a third time this summer, revisit the Turkey burger in Cookville.

This time was much like the very first time we went. HUGE portions, cooked to perfections. Actually this time even though I didn’t take any pictures ( totally forgot) James, David and I shared the 3piece fish and chips and it was more than enough for lunch!! So I highly recommend this place. If for some reason it’s not quite what you expect the first time, give it a second chance. Now that this year’s Fish & Chips quest is finished, we need to try some of there other dishes! 🙂


So this year instead of going until middle of October with my search, we finished the end of August by returning to a favourite. I am just getting around to getting this blog post ready. There are still so many more places in our beautiful East Coast province that serve this delicious meal, and yes we will keep ordering “Fish & Chips” as we travel about. There are also some other tasty seafood dishes worth mentioning…chowders. lobster rolls, crab cakes, fish cakes, scallops, clams, mussels…hmm…next year I may be on a different quest.

We’re loving these gorgeous days in September and October before cold weather hits.  Hope you get chance to go for a nice drive and have lunch or dinner at a local spot.

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