春分 🌸

It’s Chūn fēn

or the first day of Spring!

Love EVERYTHING about Spring! However we are still getting the COLD here in eastern Canada…

Too far I think because we got MORE snow!!!!!!! ugh….

Believe it or not, today is the First Day of Spring!! You really wouldn’t think so after last night and this morning, here in Nova Scotia.
Now is a great time to start feeding the birds. There have been lots of robins on my lawn. They’re now making their way back to Canada and a feeder is a useful source of food for them on their journey. During this time of the year, birds are able to rapidly gain weight so they have enough energy to fly the far distances required.

Happy 1st Day of Spring! ( ps I put ALL my snowmen decor away so please no more SNOW)

RELAX today!

David & I are sick. We have terrible colds!! Mine is really affecting my sinuses causing me to be so dizzy, and David is congested and coughing and coughing. We are so tired and are not sleeping. Ugh…guess that’s what happens when you go from hot and sunny to freezing and SNOW!!

Yes, more snow!!!! Snow this past week and more snow today!!!


So…we are cozy inside RELAXING and chatting about Spring and Summer ideas.

Can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Yikes!

Here’s to MORE snow!!! NOT!

A new hobby…short lived…

When we were on our cruise vacation, our son James tried out a new hobby!

And here is how he made use of this new hobby!

A great way to showcase the newest addition to our small town Bridgewater.

And a view of the Dingle Tower in Halifax

BUT…SADLY…NOW due to new drone regulations implemented  March 16, 2017…it will not be possible to do any more of these type of videos.!

Oh well, thanks James. Your videos are great and it was nice while it lasted!!


Morocco in VLOG

Our son James enjoyed a wonderful week in Morocco for his Spring Break. I shared a few of the great photos he took BUT now you’ve gotta see these videos.

Check out these 4 videos!! Tell me what you think.

They are amazing!! New places added to my Bucket List lol 😛

Sunday Spring forward

No sleeping in…

David made it to church on time! I stayed home today still a little dizzy. BUT I did get all my blog posts caught up! So…if you have a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee and curl up and go back a week in time on my blog and you can read all about the wonderful cruise vacay we enjoyed! If you have never tried cruising, I highly recommend it!

Enjoy your day friends!

Abby did you have a good time?

It’s nice to be home! I am having a bit of dizziness…normal for me after flying and spending a week on a ship.

Today it’s COLD!!!! We are catching up with laundry and getting food and of course picking up our Abby girl from Nana & Papa’s. We surprised them, a bit early, because they thought we would arrive home on March 13th.

Did you have a good vacation Abby?

Miami and HOME

Whah!!!! It’s Back to reality! I have to come to terms with the fact that there will be no one to make me delicious meals, and fluff my pillows and give me  fresh towels twice a day! And…tonight, there will be someone else sleeping in my stateroom!

Early this morning we are back in the Port of Miami. Why oh why does a week have to go extra fast when you are enjoying a warm tropical vacation. It was so lovely.

The good thing about going home is that we are relaxed and refreshed, the time changes this weekend…”Spring Ahead” so the evenings are longer and we can start thinking about Spring and projects and warm and what’s ahead…

It was so much fun to be able share this cruise with David’s older brother Glenn & wife Holly. I feel very blessed, very thankful! They are great travel companions and we really enjoyed our time together. Cruising with family and friends allows you to share special moments and adventure together that bring you closer and make that bond stronger and more special. I really think it would be fun to do a cruise with all his brothers/sister and spouses. Could you imagine? Maybe we should start planning for that…you know in a couple years….maybe the Mediterranean?

Key West Florida

The forth and final port of call… Key West, Florida. It is on the very tip of the Florida Keys. Key West is a US Island city and home to a naval base. It is part of the Florida keys archipelago. It is Florida’s southernmost point, lying 90 miles north of Cuba. Famed for it’s pastel-hued conch-style houses. ( and key lime pie and roosters)

This is a new port for us, we have never been to Key West even in our childhood travels to Florida. The first thing the list of “what to do” for this port was…I’ve got to have Key Lime Pie!!!! Definitely!!

But, did you know … Hailed as “the Conch Republic,” Key West has the distinction of having one of the lowest rates of depression in the United States. -And what does that have to do with conch? Just about everything! Conch is part of the local diet attributed to this population’s overall low “non-depressive mode.” You’ll find conch in fritters and in salads, and on the local high school’s marquee…The football team is the “Fighting Conchs. BUT honestly, with sunshine and warm weather like this, how could anyone be depressed?

So…a walking tour of Key west to make sure we see the  Southernmost point in the Continental USA


and enjoy some key lime pie and conch…just so we don’t get depressed. After all, today is our last day and it’s back to Miami in the morning and home. We also enjoyed a Butterfly Sanctuary and seeing all the roosters that make Key West their home…they are everywhere!!!!!

Good Morning Key West!

Meet Petar from Macedonia. He was always at breakfast each morning with a smile. We enjoyed our conversations with him.

Transportation off the pier by trolly. No walking allowed because the pier belongs to the US Navy and is a restricted area.

The Navy is celebrating their 150th Anniversary this year, so this statue was placed in front of the Customs house.

Chocolate covered frozen key lime pie!!! YUMMY!!!!

Butterfly Sanctuary

Southernmost Point in USA

Can you see Cuba? lol

“The Little White House”

About 25 years ago, Kermit Carpenter began selling smoothies from a small stand in front of Papa’s Restaurant in Key West during his tenure as Papa’s bookkeeper. When the head chef suddenly drove off into the proverbial sunset one night, Kermit was left looking for a new adventure. Having been brainstorming with his sister Anita and her husband John, they decided that whatever they decided to do, it needed to be high quality and say “Key West”… gourmet food and Key Lime fit the bill, and so began Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe.

Meet Kermit 🙂

One piece just wouldn’t do…YES we bought a whole pie and YES we finished it!!!!

The starting point!!!

Roosters EVERYWHERE!!!!

I just had to have conch! ( to fight the depression that our cruise week is just about over)

Farewell Key West! It was a lovely day…

The last port of call and the last night on board the beautiful pearl. The sunset tonight was gorgeous!!!! How I will miss this!

Our last dinner…

And the show tonight was a mix of the week’s entertainment. No pics except for the tribute to the crew which we were allowed to film.

Our room steward Abel from the Philippines did an awesome job all week keeping everything in order in our stateroom. We had fresh towels all the time and each night he made a new towel animal. Very cool!



At Sea…

Phew! After all the adventure and fun and fresh air and warm sunshine, it’s nice to have a relaxing day at sea again. We have been sleeping so well on this cruise!!

I LOVE LOVE having a balcony room. This is our second time to book a balcony and it will be hard to revert back to an inside stateroom. It’s just so wonderful to wake up early to beautiful sunrises with a coffee in hand. Enjoying the early morning sun and gentle sea breeze as you wake up. Ahhh….this is a happy place for me!

Relaxing on a big comfy couch at the bow of the ship.

We went to a Q& A session with the captain.

Just a light lunch

And…another session of Deal or No Deal and David’s card was picked. 

But sadly…he didn’t do that well, only winning back his $20 that it cost to play. I guess that’s why we don’t buy lotto tickets. We aren’t very lucky haha…

This is the life…

Meet Oliver from Jamaica. He’s the maître d’ in charge of the staff in The Great Outdoors where we ate breakfast and Summer Palace where we had dinner. He has a fantastic smile and personality and it was so nice to chat with him a couple times every day.

There was a medical emergency and the US Coast Guard came to the rescue.

Ahh…life at Sea!