Christmas Wish

Do you remember growing up waiting for the day when the Sears Christmas Wish Book would arrive? I sure do. Back when I was little my Mom did a lot of her Christmas shopping from Sears…for the bigger items. She was always busy working and found it hard to be out shopping.

My sister and I would anxiously wait for the “Wish Book” to arrive in the mail and then we would each have our turn to look. Mom always told us we could put a little mark beside a few items we really liked and she would choose what to get us for Christmas. It was so much fun and such a special memory from my childhood.

These days I rarely see a “Wish Book”. Mom still gets it. I stopped at Mom’s today for a visit, for ¬†coffee and for a quick peak at the Wish Book, for old times sake. Mom said, “What would like for Christmas this year?” My choices have changed a bit over the years…

What would I really like?

I would like PEACE and LOVE. No more world violence and catastrophes, no racism, and hate. Oh so many things…I could compile a long list…but that is not our world these days…it makes me sad.

1Corinthians 13:13~¬†Three things will last forever‚ÄĒfaith, hope, and love‚ÄĒand the greatest of these is love.(NLT)¬†

That is my Christmas Wish!

All Over The World

I have been so fortunate, so blessed and I’m truly thankful to have travelled to some really interesting and beautiful places in December over the last few years. I was thinking about that this weekend …missing some places, events, people.

The World celebrates Christmas! They light things up. It is a special time of year…

Here are just a few places I’ve been thinking about…

Bangkok, Thailand

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Phuket, Thailand


Shanghai, China

2032 381738_244987745569436_1258675123_n 387374_244987688902775_742283938_n

Beijing, China


dsc00722 dsc00724Of course Shenyang, China

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006 022115 149 169 195Seoul, South Korea

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And I can’t forget Brazil…

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Wow, it was fun to look back a bit…

All these places are lovely, I am so happy I’ve been there…there are so many more places to see. I often said I would love to spend some time in New York City in December but then there’s places closer to home…maybe Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara on the Lake. I have been to all these but not at Christmas time. ¬†BUT no matter where we are or where we travel, one very special place this time of year will ALWAYS be HOME!




I have a bone to pick with you…

On June 5th 1873, two brothers James and Gilbert (G.W) Ganong founded Ganong Bros., Limited in St. Stephen New Brunswick.

In 1885, Ganong candy maker Frank Sparhawk invented the “Chicken Bones”, a pink,spicy cinnamon flavoured hard candy shell filled with bittersweet chocolate. Do you remember these?

Ganong Original Chicken Bones  is a Canadian Holiday treat, passed down through family traditions and Holiday memories. This year celebrates 130 years of tradition. A Canadian tradition!

IMG_2712 IMG_2713

Yum! I just had to pick some up.

Deep fried Turkey Day!

This weekend is Thanksgiving and many Canadians will enjoy family feasts of turkey, cranberries, pumpkin and apple pie. This year we’re switchin’ things up! Oh for sure we are still going to enjoy cranberries and pie and definitely turkey is on the menu BUT …instead of hours roasting in the oven. Tonight, a few days early ( because of family work schedules on the weekend) we are deep frying our turkey in a pot in the backyard!!


It’s been a few years since we’ve done this and our kids don’t remember doing it so, we will give them this fun experience. And…it only takes 45 minutes!! Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

Table is set
Table is set
Turkey ready for the pot
Turkey ready for the pot
Some of the fixins' ready
Some of the fixins’ ready

NOW…it’s out to the back yard to the Turkey cooker.

IMG_9273 IMG_9275 IMG_9278 IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9289 IMG_9294 IMG_9296 Dinner is served. Thankful for my Family<3DSC08508 DSC08509

Deep fried Turkey for our early Thanksgiving Dinner!!


Location location location

It’s all about the location. And…what do we wear?

Every year I like to do a family photo for Christmas. And every year we do it when it’s FREEZING COLD!!!!¬†Usually in November or even December. So this year I wanted to help with the complaints of COLD and switch it up.

Today was a lovely Fall day and everyone was off this evening so off to the country we went back to a location from a few years ago. This was taken December 2012.


We just need to figure out what and how and what to do different this time.

We had fun. I love hanging with all my family. These are just some random, selfie, fun pics…

IMG_8214 IMG_8215 IMG_8217 IMG_8218 IMG_8221 IMG_8223 IMG_8228 IMG_8233 IMG_8237 IMG_8240 12037943_10156059915860296_5346707253452407143_n

IMG_8248A couple of locations. Some different shots and a wardrobe change. Coming in December ( I always wait til then)…the good pictures ( that James took) and our annual family photo!IMG_8244Gotta love a September sunset…